What the hell is the Chakra system anyway?

By Shane YoungOctober 13, 2012

What the hell is the Charka system anyway?

That is a pretty good question and I’m glad you asked.  Again, as always I can only share my experience and what feels true to me.  This does not mean it is right or wrong, it is purely my experience.  As I journey into the depths of who I think I am, I have found that “truth” is merely our perception of any given subject.  You can quote all the research in the world, from the top people in any given field but if my experience is different than the research than I will always trust in my innate wisdom over research, and other’s ideas.  One of my favorite words is “Pono” = Effectiveness is the measurement of TRUTH.  With that being said, I will share what the Chakra system is to me.

I believe through my experience that we are much more than the physical body we see in the mirror.  We have many bodies on much more subtle levels, these being the emotional body, the mental body, and the spiritual body.  I believe the P.E.M.S bodies are only the beginning but these are the only realities I can recall experiencing.

The Charka system literally interprets our emotional, mental, and spiritual realities.  Our consciousness is not within us, it is outside of us, and whatever we have experienced in life gets filtered by the charka system and then is projected into our physical reality.  The body is only a bio-feedback mechanism to bring our awareness to what is actually going on in our consciousness.   Think of any auto-immune disease, could this disease just be the body bringing our awareness to parts of our ego that is full of self hatred?  In turn the body turns against itself to bring our awareness to this self hatred in hopes that we will hear its message and heal the roots within our consciousness to bring about true health and wellness?  Hmmmmmm…  I say it is a possibility, I also say I could be quite delusional, either way I find it interesting.

Here is another way to understand the Chakra system.  Think of the Chakra system as a satellite TV dish on your house which receives your emotional, mental, and spiritual states.  The dish (chakras) interprets this subtle energy and projects this energy into a descrambler (your glandular and plexus systems), these systems then funnel this energy into your TV (what you see and experience), what you see and experience is recorded by your DVD player (organ system), this goes on most of our lives until we each realize that we hold the channel changer in our hand, and can choose to watch any channel available.  With this knowledge we can change our reality and heal ourselves through our perceptions.

My only question to myself is, do I want to continue to watch the same channel the rest of my life unconsciously or do I want to consciously create my reality?  The choice is truly yours.


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