What The Heck Is Rolfing?

By Shane YoungNovember 23, 2015

If you’re constantly in pain without doing anything unusual, you are a candidate for rolfing. Rolfing is a deep massage that works to release the connective tissue, fascia, and reorganize them to get the body back into alignment. Many things can occur that can cause the fascia to change. It adapts to the demands of the body and may even react to injury, such as joint injury, producing more material to provide the necessary support and stability. Sometimes, the fascia doesn’t perform right or performs too well, producing more than necessary and actually impeding movement. That can cause poor posture and pain.

Rolfing can reduce the tension and stress on the body.

Stress is often held by the body keeping it in a positions that isn’t beneficial. It can leave you feeling tied up in knots. When you undergo rolfing, the rolfer works on the deep knots to slowly release the tension, while also relieving you of the sense of doom and anxiety. You’ll not only improve your physical well being, you’ll improve your mental state too.

Rolfing helps you move easier and more comfortably.

Rolfing helps to open the body and allow freedom of movement by manipulating and releasing the fascia. You’ll move more effortlessly and breathe deeper after just a few sessions with the rolfer. In most cases, it takes ten sessions to achieve full movement, but it all depends on the person. You’ll have an improved range of motion and be able to participate more thoroughly with exercise.

Misalignment caused by the fascia can drain you of energy.

When your body is misaligned, you’re constantly fighting to do everything and that can drain you of all energy. Rolfing helps you return to your natural alignment and make all movement easier because your body is better aligned to cope with gravity. In some cases, not only does it improve energy it improves your whole outlook toward life and some people use rolfing for mental issues.

Rolfing can eliminate discomfort that may be stopping you from exercising and make it easier to develop the proper form for each exercise.

Rolfing is an extremely viable alternative to pain pills and muscle relaxers. Often clients find they no longer have to live in pain or in a constant altered state from pain killers.

When you’re at optimal alignment with gravity, it helps reduce stress in your life and makes all activities easier.

Just as all people are different when it comes to exercise programs, all people are different when it comes to their needs during rolfing. The rolfer first examines the person to identify the processes necessary.


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