What Is Integrative Fitness?

By Shane YoungApril 25, 2016

Integrative Fitness

Integrative fitness gives you the opportunity to work on staying healthy through all means. It is a holistic approach that realizes not only do you need to have a fit body for good health, you need good emotional and mental health too. The body is not isolated from the brain and vice versa, they are parts of one integrated individual. If you’ve ever been scared by something, you know that it can set up a chain of events in the body, starting with a rapidly beating heart and ending with a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Hormones create changes in the body and in the mind.

Your brain stimulates the creation of hormones, but in some cases, so does your body. It’s a magic machine that can help you live life to its fullest if you want it to do that. Stress can come from a number of sources. It can come from real danger, such as seeing a tiger run at you or come from imagined dangers, such as fear of being late for work or the boss or client being angry. In the early prehistoric days of man, the stress response sent hormones to prepare the body for flight or fight, which was very important. Sending blood to extremities for running could help you get away from danger quickly. Today, that same flight or fight response takes place but the response is no longer appropriate, but that doesn’t stop the flow of hormones and the preparation of the body. Exercise can burn off those hormones and replace them with ones that make you feel good.

The brain and body are both capable of change.

Up until recently, scientists had no idea that you could change your IQ, create new brain cells and build new neural pathways in the brain. They didn’t realize you could increase your metabolism either. Both of these are possible when you exercise on a regular basis. You not only can make dramatic improvements in your physical body, you can improve your mental functioning too.

Wellness is more than fitness.

Wellness involves all aspects of your life. It means eating healthier whole foods and feeding your body correctly. It means eliminating baggage that can make you tired and frustrated and replacing that feeling with one of peace. Integrated training is wellness training that looks at all aspects of your life, body, mind and emotions to help you live life to its fullest.

Nothing is truer than the saying you are what you eat. If your diet is filled with nutrition, eliminates toxins and is lower in calories, you’ll start looking and feeling better.

Regularly scheduled exercise is important to anyone that not only wants to extend their years, but put more life in those extra years. The more you stay active, the more active you’ll be able to be in later years.

Sometimes even exercise and a healthy diet isn’t enough. Alternative treatment such as massage or rolfing can help.

You need to eliminate toxic buildup to maximize the benefits of making other changes. Detoxing should be part of the program.


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