What Does Your Posture Say About You

By Shane YoungMarch 25, 2016

Have you ever met someone you liked immediately or simply didn’t trust for no apparent reason? It may have been something their posture or body language was telling you. What does your posture say about you? Good posture comes from being fit and healthy. You’ve probably heard the expression that someone “stands tall,” meaning they represent honesty and goodness. It’s an example of how people equate posture with personality models. While the man or woman that’s fit and has perfect posture may or may not be the model citizen, it’s the image they present when first meeting others.

Exercise helps you develop presence.

Presence is the ability to stand out from a crowd. It shows confidence. Having presence can improve your chances of getting a job or landing a big sale. When kinesics, the study of body language cues, were first popular, sales teams everywhere were taking classes on how to read their clients, move their hands and lean in to show interest. What wasn’t addressed was posture, in many cases, and overall fitness. A good sales person or executive knows his or her posture affects the perception of others and you’ll often see them working out in the gym, often with the help of a personal trainer, to become fitter and stand taller.

Your posture also affects your overall health.

Your body was created to function efficiently and has modified the way it functions through thousands of years to function its best in an upright position. Good posture is necessary for all your systems to work their best. Slump down and see how easy it is to breathe and then sit up straight and try it again. Good posture makes it far easier. Your elimination system, heart and other organs work their best when you have good posture.

You’ll be more fatigued at the end of the day with poor posture.

Your body was created for both skeletal and muscular system to work together synergistically. When you have poor posture, it can work muscle groups improperly and leave you feeling achy and exhausted at the end of the day. Exercising regularly can help improve your posture, eliminate many aches and pains and give you more energy.

Poor posture can lead to frequent headaches. It can even cause jaw aches that mimic tooth pain.

Poor posture can reduce lung function by up to 30 percent. That can reduce the amount of oxygen to the vital organs, such as the heart and brain.

When you have poor posture, such as sitting or walking with slumped shoulders, it affects not only how others see you, but how you see yourself. One study showed that this type of poor posture affected their mood and promoted depression.

You’ll look fantastic when you improve your posture. Improved posture often comes from regular exercise. The more improved posture you have, the thinner and more fit you look.


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