Weight Loss: A Different Perspective

By Shane YoungJuly 3, 2012

As Sean Croxton mentions in his book, “The Dark Side of Fat Loss,” you don’t lose weight to get healthy…you get healthy to lose weight. This different view on weight loss goes beyond the whole “calories-in/ calories-out” approach (otherwise known as the law of thermodynamics). Note, however, the difference in weight loss versus fat loss. Most people tend to focus on weight loss. But this is a mistake. Losing weight could mean losing muscle, water, or fat. Concentrate on fat loss instead. With fat loss, we concentrate on real life-long habits that are more effective and striving for and maintaining your ideal weight.

There are many other factors that need to be assessed and considered when we start to look at wanting to loose those extra pounds. These include getting enough rest, managing your stress levels, and eating according to your Metablic Type. Yes, that means eliminating (or reducing as much as you can) the 4 White Devils: Table Salt, Sugar, White Flour, and Pasteurized Dairy.

These all play important parts not only in fat loss, but assist you in increasing your overall vitality and allow you to be more ready to take on exercise. So, when you consider wanting to loose weight (and fat!), stop to consider these factors. Once you’ve established healthy patterns in those areas, you can then start diving into looking at eating behaviors and patterns, which is another whole ball game in and of itself. I’ll get into that aspect on another blog.

For more information on eating according to your Metabolic Type, note that I incorporate it as part of your overall services package. You can also purchase Paul Chek’s book, “How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy.”

This may seem like an overwhelming task to tackle at first; but, if you truly want to achieve your health and fitness goals, you need to start somewhere. The beginning is as just a good a place as any. Here’s to your health and eating well!


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