Want To Increase Your Libido?

By Shane YoungSeptember 24, 2015

Want to Increase Your Libido?

Do you want to increase your libido? Do you miss the days when you couldn’t wait to be alone with the person you loved or even worse, wish you ever felt the desire that you hear about frequently. While you might blame your partner on lowering your sexual drive, often that’s not the case. You’ll be amazed to find that you control your desires and drive and can retrieve those massively good feelings without changing partners. You’ll put a spark back into your sex life and if you aren’t with someone now, will attract the perfect mate for you.

Exercise can enhance your sex drive.

Studies show that exercise enhances the effects of erectile dysfunction medication and may even be the total solution to the problem. Exercise is even good for women when it comes to boosting the libido. It can lift depression, which puts a hamper on anyone’s sexual drive and give a feeling of well-being that’s also an aphrodisiac. Studies on deep breathing and stretching showed dramatic increases in sexual desire. Kegel exercises, pelvic floor exercises, are used to increase pleasure during intercourse, which enhances each experience.

Your self image plays a huge role in how sexy you look and feel.

No matter who your partner is, you’ll look and feel sexier when you feel good about yourself. Sex is just as much about your mental state as it is about your physical being. When you learn to accept and like yourself, only then will you begin to understand how others could find you sexy. In order to love others and have others love you, you have to first love yourself.

Eating healthy and being healthy is a huge boost to your sexual drive.

If your body isn’t healthy, it doesn’t successfully accomplish all it’s tasks. Poor health may make it difficult to maintain energy and affect all functions from digestion to sexual arousal. What you eat makes a difference in your health, so eating a healthy diet can improve your sex life. What you eat affects your production of sex hormones that fuel your sex drive. A healthy diet can also control your weight, making you more receptive to sexual encounters. The foods you eat affect it. Fruits and vegetables are stars when it comes to increasing libido. Fried foods make your drive go in reverse quickly.

A good night’s sleep can help your drive soar. However, sex can also help with a good night’s sleep. It’s a two way street in this case.

If you smoke, get help stopping. Not only does it affect your overall health, it plays havoc with your sex life by constricting small blood vessels that create an erection or engorgement of sexual tissue in females, such as the vaginal walls.

Manage stress to achieve the most out of sex. Stress can be the impediment to a fulfilling sex life. Only by learning to deal with it can you truly maximize your sexual pleasure.

Reduce caffeine and limit alcohol. Both of these reduce sexual responsiveness.


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