No Stress Tomato Sauce

By MarvinMarch 9, 2018

Hi Ascend family! As you probably know, one of our health philosophies here at Ascend is to keep stress at a moderate level. Unfortunately, for many of us, cooking and prepping food ahead of time is annoying, time consuming and stressful. So lately, I’ve been concentrating on finding simple food hacks that take the stress our of eating healthy. After all, a healthy diet should improve our lives, not add stress! 


Which brings me to today’s recipe: a delicious tomato sauce. This tomato sauce makes a great dipping sauce for your post workout meals (#earnyourcarbs) like our sweet potato french fries, or it can be used to pimp up chicken with rice. This sauce is also easy to prepare and healthy. Unlike many commercial tomato sauces, which are full of processed ingredients, tons of sugar, and taste pretty bland. (Am I right?). By the way, if you feel your tomato sauce is losing flavor, chances are pretty high that your taste buds are being deadened by an overabundance of processed sugars. The solution? Cut out the sugar and let your body readjust to natural flavors. You might be shocked at how good plain old fruits and veggies can taste!


Let’s get to the recipe! This tasty sauce only takes 5 minutes to make. Which means one less worry during your day, and one step closer to your nutrition goals 😉



  • 10 cherry tomatoes, if needed: 3-5 oz sieved tomatoes 
  • 1 onion
  • 20 black olives
  • spices: herbs de Provence, black pepper, sea salt




  1. Cut the cherry tomatoes in quarters
  2. Heat up some coconut oil in a pan. Cut the onions at the same time in little pieces
  3. Fry the onions in the pan for 2-3 minutes. At the same time cut the olives in half
  4. Throw everything in the pan together and add the spices to it
  5. Enjoy it with a carbohydrate based meal 🙂


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