The Power of Intentions

By Shane YoungJanuary 9, 2017

6 steps for successfully creating and getting to the groove of your intentions:

(The first 3 of 6)

Hey hey good morning!

Can you remember a time that you accomplished something, but it was incredibly hard?

The whole damn thing was just… hard?

Has there been a time you can remember accomplishing something and it just flowed? It wasn’t “easy” per se, but you just felt good, invigorated, and alive?

This second thought represents a change in attitude as opposed to a forced change in behavior.

Resolutions are a change in behavior, which feel restrictive to me. Hard. Boring. Like forcing myself to do something I know I should do, rather than something that I choose to do or want to do.

As promised, I’m sharing my map for creating a truly successful New Year that is not about resolutions, but what I prefer to call “setting intentions”.

Here’s the first 3 of 6 for your map:

—- 1. Get into the airstream – 

Getting in the airstream is the first step toward fulfilling your dreams because it is what you are in-tend-ing, what you desire.

As Deepak Chopra shares with us; “The classic Vedic text known as the Upanishads declares, ‘You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.’”

What is the airstream?

This airstream is a place of neutrality, where everything you want can manifest because you are not pushing against or pulling anything toward you. Careful! It’s not about controlling specifics. It’s about allowing, shifting and opening to something new.

Getting the most out of what you’re wanting or intending for this year can be achieved in part by simply relaxing and aligning with the flow. The easiest way to do that is by developing a meditation practice. True meditation is not about relaxation, though it can be relaxing. It’s certainly not about effort, though it does take focus and a real precision of mind. There are so many different meditation techniques. Don’t fuss. Just choose one that suits you and practice finding the airstream.

<I’ll post one for you to practice soon.>

The airstream is a place in between wanting and desiring or pulling toward you, and not wanting or pushing against or away from you. It’s in the middle. It feels like being guided down a current or river where you have access to energy that is much bigger than your own. To me, it feels like I’m jumping into an airstream or energy stream. A meditation practice helps you ride the current and allows you to guide it at the same time.

—2. Be Where you are —

“That which you resist, persists”

Accepting and loving who, what and where you are is the most overlooked practice that there is when people are intending or looking to make change. This is especially true if the subject has some “heat” to it. The practice of acceptance and and even self love is the key to transformative change.

For most of us, the big things we want to change do have heat to them. We’ve wanted them to go away or shift for a long time. But we often forget that the first place to start when we desire this big change is with true acceptance of everything that IS in this moment. You don’t have to stay here long, but you do have to practice it until you get it.

Look at your feet. Be where you are. Practice truly accepting the thing that you want to change right in this moment. Breathe into it. Love on it. Don’t go anywhere. Be still.

For me, when asked to practice acceptance, it always sounds like someone is trying to trick me into eating a teaspoon of medicine at which I cringe, but that has not been my experience when I actually try it.

We often want to retaliate with statements like; “How can I be in total acceptance of this thing I hate?!! I’ve wanted these thighs to go away for 20 years!” “You want me to accept and even love that I don’t feel athletic and even hopeless? N-O- no! We say, I won’t do it.

And so we stay stuck.

Look at it this way. It takes a lot of energy to push a boulder up a hill. And that is what you are doing when you are not in a place of acceptance and even love with the thing you are trying to change. Some of us can will our way through things, but it takes significantly more energy and struggle.

For some, the idea of acceptance may trigger more fear and despair because it sounds like a guarantee that the thing we are accepting will never change. Actually, it doesn’t work like that. Not if you practice.

It’s all irony, I know. Love and acceptance shifts the energy of that thing so it can transform through the fire of desire. In Tantra, we call that force of creative power “Spanda”.

Coming from a place of love gives you access to power. If we are not railing or pushing against anything, suddenly possibility opens and we have access to a new inner strength and power with the ability to do more, create more, and be more!

<<I’m going to post a guided meditation for you in the few days to practice this, so hold tight this is a very important step.>>

This stuff takes practice!

—3. Make a vision board — 

Some might say this is the first step but really it comes later after we have found the place of love within ourselves. Once we have achieved acceptance and self-love and ignited a new place of power within, we can come from a place of play, of joy, and of non-restriction. My mentor used to say to me;

“If anything were possible, what would you want to see happen?”

Do it on a big piece of cardboard with painting colors and pictures. Get your hands dirty. Play like a child. Let yourself dream.

OK! There you have the first three of six! Practice and let me know how it goes.

We’ll be launching into some awesome stuff this coming Saturday for our BE GIGANTIC 30 day New Year’s Challenge.



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