The Importance of Stabilization Phase

By Shane YoungOctober 23, 2012

I recently had a friend ask me about a work out program called German Volume Training. He sent me the link and asked me to provide him with my thoughts and feedback. As a result, this new blog is born!

After I took a look at the program outlined on the website , I sent him the following reply:

“Thank for sharing. I hadn’t heard of this one before. Here’s the deal: you could do this one if you wanted, depending on your goals. My issue with it is that they advise you to use a weight belt and several of the exercises are on machines. Those two things alone are red flags to me as I don’t believe in using either one. Note, too, this is a hypertrophy program, meaning its geared toward building muscle. Caution for hypertrophy programs: if you haven’t worked on stabilizing the smaller muscles and your inner unit core musculature, you could be prone to injuring yourself with a program like this. Of matters important to discuss would be form, breath, nutrition, and the like.”

My point here is this: If you want to just start building muscle right away, you must go through a stabilization phase, if you haven’t already. Using correct posture, incorporating breath work, developing proper neuromuscular recruitment patterns, engaging the core, and ensuring joint integrity are all essential and must be established prior to adding on more weight to your squat, for example. Plus, once you do get into the hypertrophy phase, you’ll develop stronger, bigger muscles because you would have already worked all your smaller muscles.

Above all, I reemphasize the importance of establishing and incorporating core strength. This will not only protect your spine but will help increase your overall performance and help prevent other compensation patterns. Performing exercises with your own body weight, on a Swiss Ball, or on a cable machine encourage you to incorporate your core.


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