Thanksgiving on Purpose!

By MarieNovember 20, 2017

Thanksgiving on Purpose

Team Up

We’ve said before that community is key. During the holidays, make sure you’re teaming up with your honey or loved ones for our awesome Boost and Semi-Private lessons. We’ve got something extra special planned for our 9AM and 10AM post-Thanksgiving sessions this Friday, so you can have fun while you sweat all the turkey off. New to Ascend? Get your free first week here.


Its all about the balance. If you know you’re coming in on Friday to workout, you can enjoy yourself more on Thursday. So enjoy yourself thoroughly this Thanksgiving and then make sure you get right back on track!


Do Thanksgiving on Purpose

We’re going to give you a bunch of tips between now and New Years to make sure you’re doing the holidays mindfully. Right now, let’s start by doing Thanksgiving on purpose. Know beforehand how many glasses of wine you want to enjoy, and how much of the other deliciousness you want to participate in.


For example, you might choose to skip the pumpkin pie and have an extra glass of red wine. Or maybe you choose to forgo the wine all together, but eat as much turkey as you want. Tell yourself- these are my guidelines for myself today. It’s all about the choices. Rather than showing up to Thanksgiving dinner and letting it all be a wash, and then feeling bad about it the next day, set some gentle parameters for yourself.


One Last Thing

We want to give you a teaser to make sure you check out our Black Friday Newsletter. Psst, it will have a one-day-only offer for you to join. This will be one of our most awesome deals ever, and the offer will only last 24 hours. So don’t forget to open your mail and check out our newsletter this Friday!


*About Ascend Body: As the best personal trainers in San Francisco’s Mission District, we offer 1:1 personal training, Semi-Private strength training sessions and Boost your body small group training sessions. We pride ourselves on having the best nutritionist, massage therapists and wellness coaches in SF to provide you a one stop shop for all your SF fitness and wellness needs. Call (415) 724-7164 to schedule a free nutrition and fitness consultation today!


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