A Healthy Thanksgiving

By Shane YoungNovember 21, 2018

thanksgiving advice


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


As we move into my favorite holiday of the year, we wanted to give you are best tips and tricks for a successful holiday. Read on and then ….go have a wonderful time!


Live in the Middle –

I hear so many people either making themselves pure as a nun or going the other direction and saying – oh don’t worry about it, do what you want, it’s only one day, enjoy yourself. With the latter, you are setting yourself up for repeated failures as you’ve just told your mind – I can take it easy, it doesn’t really matter. Trust me, It does!! For those of us that know, one becomes two and two becomes ten and then a landslide. Everything you do counts and more than you think. What we do is cumulative and when we get in the right mindset and keep at it, everything moves in the right direction. Conversely, if we are too hyper vigilant, this leads to over-stressing our mental / emotional system which in turn leads to an overwhelming feeling pinching ourselves off from fun, enjoyment and even the thing I preach most about, awareness!


Portion control – 

Overeating on a holiday is set up, by tradition, to be enough food to feed you 5-6 times more than you can or should eat! We end up eating too much – heaping on more of Aunt Mary’s stuffing, second helpings of those delicious sweet potatoes, and then who can forget dessert! Then we get sleepy, responding with a late afternoon or evening coffee, and possibly another round of dessert! Here we are doing exactly what we wanted to avoid from the beginning – Stress ourselves out and overeat! It’s a wonderful holiday, and holidays should be fun and not stressful. So let’s start with a take only what I need, mindful approach from the start by not overloading your plate. Take your time, enjoy what you are eating and most importantly, enjoy the company you are with. So before you head out for the day, take a moment and plant the seed in your mind – I’ll watch how much goes on my plate. Then enjoy the whole variety of the delicious dishes and spend more time talking to the people at the table. Btw: Cellphones are a no go, pay attention to who’s in front of you. Life is short! 


Love the pie

So, we know that Thanksgiving is one of Americans favorite holidays and it wouldn’t be if we didn’t have pie. I know above I mentioned playing the middle ground, and I mean it…but mindset and how your body responds is the first step. So, put the right intention into the food you’re eating. If you think “This pie is going to make me fat, I really shouldn’t eat this, this is not healthy,” then you already set yourself up, because this will be your reality after eating the pie. Release stressful thoughts into “I will enjoy this pie with everything that I have and will love it”. Different perspective, right? This perspective is a huge part of your stress free Thanksgiving because you are aware of what you’re doing in this moment and we create exactly what we are thinking about.  Be in charge of your dessert by making it healthy!  Check out this awesome sweet potato waffle for dessert!  


Enjoy The Holiday

Breathe, walk & sweat another day. Come join our 9AM or 10AM session here at Ascend and get your sweat on before getting your lazy on. 🙂 And our favorite piece of advice is taking yourself for a walk after dinner. Support your body and digestion with a walk outside the house. Grab Fido, Grandma and continue the great conversations you had at the table with your people outside with a little extra awareness on your breathing. It activates your lymph system and brings the energy back into your system which you need to digest properly.


That’s it Ascenders….enjoy this day, soak it in and know how much we appreciate you!




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