Shane Young


I’m excited to help people of all levels and abilities attain their individual fitness and wellness goals. I have a dynamic toolbox of training expertise that I employ to cultivate a healthy, happy, and sustainable approach to change including fitness coaching, massage therapy, and holistic lifestyle coaching.
I am a body alchemist. For over 20 years, I have humbly dedicated myself to an intricate study of the human bod and its functions. I enjoy partnering with all clients committed to a holistic lifestyle and have an ardent passion for coaching people to meet their highest athletic and personal potential.


I aspire to engage large groups and corporations in holistic health, wellness, and spirituality workshops to have a transformative impact on diverse populations. A dedicated Tantra practitioner for over ten years, I am currently researching content for my book, “The Tantra of Food” and will help craft an individualized nutrition program suited to your specific needs.

My advanced C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) certifications demonstrate my commitment to healthy posture and body alignment as foundational components to any exercise and wellness program. I specialize in spinal pathology, orthopedic injury rehabilitation, chronic pain, and correcting structural imbalance and collaborate with doctors and healthcare professionals to ensure your body is functioning optimally and pain free.

In a single session, we might move from a focused, movement-based workout into therapeutic and rehabilitative massage to relieve a stressed muscle or joint. Similarly, we might identify and generate solutions for mental blockages, such as negative thoughts around body image. Holding both positive thinking and fitness goals concurrently allows us to realize potential and supersede expectations. I pride myself on this rapport and versatility and cherish my ability to respond and adapt to myriad circumstances.

Together, we will co-create the remarkable body and life you are looking for. Whether your goal is to build strength, lose weight, improve performance, or exercise without pain – I’m here for you. My excitement and passion arise from a deep love of helping people engage their bodies through holistic exercise and conscious movement, while compassionately and cooperatively working through challenges and fears.

I look forward to partnering with you.



I am driven by the relationships I cultivate with each of my clients and am honored to create space where they can unwind and realign at Ascend Body.

I inadvertently discovered the power of alternative medicine following a successful acupuncture treatment after pursuing Western medicine to no avail. With acupuncture, my pain largely dissipated and for the first time, I felt I was an integral component in my own care.

After moving to the Bay Area, I followed this therapeutic calling to support people as they navigate and grow through physical and emotional pain. I received Foundational Bodywork certifications from the Acupressure Institute and The Fair Oaks Massage Institute.

During my continuing education, I have had the privilege of studying with talented teachers. The most long-standing and influential mentorships have been with Lori Del Mar (Body/Energy Worker) and Jay Craver (S.I.). My personal style is a fusion of Acupressure, Shiatsu, Lomilomi, Deep Tissue, and Energy Work. My background in personal training enhances my focus on sports-related injuries and highlights my repertoire of assessment techniques.

I often liken massage and energy work to peeling an onion. With each session, we examine and explore deeper causality, release blockages, and re-pattern the energy system. I enjoy watching people grow lighter and experience more physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom. Bodywork is an individual process and I am able to adjust my approach and application depending on your personal needs.

A life-long athlete, weight lifter, and yoga practitioner, I believe Bodywork and acupressure are beneficial both as preventative medicine and as potent tools for allowing the body to heal from disease and stress. The body holds so much and massage and bodywork are amazing tools to help you release and realign.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you.


Energy Medicine

Physics shows us that at a fundamental level everything is energy.

Our bodies, too, are defined by energetic templates and patterns. When we experience pain or disease, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, we are holding disharmonious energetic patterns in the body that need to be freed for us to truly thrive. This is what we refer to when we say we feel “blocked”.

Energy medicine flips the light switch back on. It sends current where it was blocked and allows your body to utilize energy in a way that is healthy and productive. This energetic realignment releases disharmonious patterns and balances energy centers (chakras) in the body.

By reigniting and reweaving these patterns, the body’s energetic potential begins to flow and access expanded life experience and evolution, which were not previously available.

Rebooting the body’s energetic template allows you to access higher potential, cultivate productive resources of development, and lead a more vibrant, healthful, and happy life.



Training and Certifications

C.H.E.K. Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach Levels 1, 2, and 3
C.H.E.K. Exercise Coach, Practitioner Level 1 and 2
Dr. Guy Voyer – E.L.D.O.A Certifications Level 1 and 2
N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer
Energy Medicine, Lori Del Mar
Advanced Tantra practitioner, Lineage of Swami Rama
Yoga Teacher Training, Bhakti Flow, Rusty Wells
Reiki Master, Usui Lineage, Mary F. Brady
Acupressure Institute, Shiatsu Practitioner
Lomilomi, Zen, Shiatsu, and Deep Tissue Private Instruction
Tantra Teaching Program


Private Mentorships

Janet Alexander, C.H.E.K Master Practitioner
Jator Pierre-Gonzales, C.H.E.K Practitioner, Level 4
Dr. Rudolph Ballentine
D. Cody Fielding, Athletic specialist

Daniel Martinez


Prior to his work as a personal trainer, one of his biggest challenges was to confront his self-worth and potential. He was a sickly, awkward, and shy kid. He never got into sports and couldn’t catch a ball to save his life. He struggled with understanding how his beliefs shaped his reality. He struggled with depression, anxiety, and isolation. Until one day something came over him, a sense of clarity if you will…


The way he felt, and what he believed about himself, affected his capacity to become who he always wanted to be. It wasn’t that he did not have the skillsets to achieve his goals; it was that from a young age he was shamed into thinking that he wasn’t good enough. His reality became a belief that he indeed was not good enough. The skills were there all along, waiting to be released. All he needed to do was believe that he could. Even when he tried and failed, he kept believing. Anything worth doing is worth failing at until you succeed.


After years of pursuing the arts, music, film, theater, and some fight choreography, he began to engage more heavily in physical training. He realized how much fitness supported his sense of self. It was through these athletic endeavors that he finally began to connect with his body and mind. From there, he started on the path of transformation into the person he wanted to be. By incorporating the mind and the spirit, we are bound to succeed. Our bodies, our minds, and our spirits are not separate; they are one. Always remember, there are no impossibilities . . . only challenges.




  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Functional Movement Systems-1
  • CPR/AED American Heart Association Certified
  • USA Boxing coach
  • Smallsword Proficiency Skills (SAFD)


Martial Arts Training/Sports and Combatives:


  • Modern Arnis de Mano and Bartitsu – Guro Tom Badillo
  • Pekiti Tirsia Kali – Larry Brown
  • Boxing – Gina Lovoi
  • JKD – Sifu Tim Richards


Historical European weapons for Stage and Film:


  • Rapier & Dagger – Michael Cawelti
  • Dagger, Smallsword, Rapier, Staff – Gregory Hoffman
  • Smallsword – J. Allen Suddeth

Danielle Repetti


Hi! I’m Danielle. I am a certified trainer as well as a holistic nutritionist. In my previous life, I worked full-time behind a desk at a hedge fund. I would spend 40+ hours a week sitting and wondering why I wasn’t happy. I was always passionate about health and fitness but was attached to the security full-time work offered me. One day, I just decided to take a leap of faith and follow my passion – I took my first weightlifting certification course and the rest i guess is history. Leaving full-time work behind a desk was one of the best things that ever happened to me…


Being an instructor brings me so much joy and fulfillment, it doesn’t feel like a job. And not having to work behind a desk anymore is pretty awesome, too! One of my favorite things about being a trainer is being able to witness the progression in each of my client’s strength. Its incredible to see how capable the human body is and how much it can adapt. Watching clients hit personal records – seeing ladies who couldn’t do a single pull-up hit 5 in a row – is pretty freakin awesome.


The story of my personal fitness journey is quite ironic. In college, I had the love of my life (at the time) end a relationship because I hated to do anything active – this included going to the gym, hiking, walking more than 10 feet from my car to the mall, you name it. I had never run a mile, I had never gotten the euphoric high after a heavy squat session. It wasn’t till that breakup happened that I really took a long look in the mirror – and said to myself – why CAN’T you like that stuff? Maybe you SHOULD try it?


I let go of fear and took my first training session and fell in love. It’s been 10 years since then and I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am that I once got dumped for not loving fitness. SO – moral of my story – it doesn’t matter who you are, when you start – how in shape or not in shape you are – start somewhere! We were all beginners at one point and there’s nowhere to go but up on the journey to health.

Leslie Hyun Kim


Leslie Hyun Kim is a fitness professional and holistic wellness coach from San Francisco, CA. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and holds multiple national certifications for personal training, group exercise, and sport-specific training. A former multi-sport athlete and social worker trained in behavior modification therapy, Leslie has spent over a decade helping improve the lives of others through informed and inspired coaching. Her mission is to inspire fearless living and to empower others towards purposeful and rewarding lives…


For years, she has successfully adapted and applied her methods to clients with a wide range of abilities and capabilities: absolute beginners needing basic knowledge, enthusiasts looking to shake things up with their regular routines, individuals recovering from injuries or serious illness, and athletes requiring sport-specific training. She specializes in sports performance training, corrective exercise, chronic pain management, holistic lifestyle coaching, energy medicine and therapeutic nutrition coaching.


Aside from an extensive resume of qualifications, Leslie’s personal story is what truly fuels her passion and dedication for her work. Diagnosed with Grave’s Disease at 6-years old, she has been chasing down symptoms and pain for most of her life. During her first year of college, she went from being a nationally-ranked Junior Olympic athlete to completely sedentary and unable to walk. And in 2006, she survived and fully recovered from a non-traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) — bleeding into the space surrounding the brain due to a small aneurysm rupture. As a result, she holds the belief that our bodies are a powerful vehicle for awakening and we must treat them with care. She has transformed a lifetime of chronic illness and suffering into a mission to help others find their own unique path towards healing.

Rick Buchikos


I grew up in North Carolina and graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. A few years later I moved to San Francisco and began working as a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in February of 2001. I spent those first few years acquiring basic industry certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the International Sports Science Association, and soon after began my training with the CHEK institute, where I expanded my knowledge of corrective exercise, holistic nutrition, lifestyle and stress management…


As a corrective exercise specialist, I like to focus on basic movement patterns with an emphasis on core strength and conditioning. The workouts I design emphasize functional strength, stability, and muscle balance, and I spend a great deal of time emphasizing proper posture and form. Many of my clients have some specific physical limitation or otherwise challenging condition, and are simply looking for a way to workout that is both safe and effective.


As a functional medicine practitioner and nutritionist, I use laboratory testing and questionnaires to identify physiological dysfunctions and biochemical imbalances in your body in order to help you get to the root causes of your health concerns. During our consultation, I will help you to connect the dots between these underlying dysfunctions or imbalances and any symptoms you might be experiencing, as well as offer a spectrum of solutions using targeted nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes.


I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve higher levels of wellness and improving their overall quality of life. My intention is to always meet people where they are, and to help them ascend to their next level.


Degrees and Certifications


  • B.A. Psychology UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
  • Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA
  • Sports Fitness Specialist, NASM
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM
  • Exercise Coach, CHEK Institute
  • CHEK Practitioner Level III
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level III
  • Posturologist Level IV
  • Kalish Method (Functional Medicine)
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (Functional Medicine)
  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, FMU (Functional Medicine)

Michael De Lange

Fitness Coach

Hi, I’m Mike. I am a certified personal trainer with a passion for helping my clients set and achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals. I believe that our training sessions should prepare us better physically and mentally for our everyday life and our sporting interests. Our primary exercises are rooted in functional and foundational movements that have us squat, push, pull, press and jump. I train with athletes of all ages and abilities and I do my best to motivate, push, challenge and cheer on my clients, while focusing on proper technique and efficiency in movements. I am an eager learner and continue to seek out more information and techniques to become a better, more well-rounded personal trainer. My main specialties include, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics and Powerlifting. I grew up playing a variety of sports including baseball, basketball and tennis.


In my previous career, I was a private wealth management portfolio manager, typically spending 40+ hours a week behind a desk. My favorite responsibilities centered around my client interactions, especially educating my clients about the hard truths of their investment portfolio, the financial landscape and about potential pitfalls and shortcomings. However, deep down inside I knew my true passion was elsewhere and I always felt like I could do more for people in another role. Typically, the best part of my day was heading to the gym, working out with friends and relieving the day’s stresses. When I finally married my passion for helping others with my love for fitness, my world was changed forever. Over the past few years I have been happier than ever in my chosen field, sharing in the successes of others as they pursue healthier lifestyles, improving their quality of life and becoming more positive people. Come train with me!


Darren Agcaoili

Fitness Coach

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA. I graduated from Seattle University, with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. I made the move to San Francisco in 2016. I been fascinated by health and fitness since the first time I stepped in a gym when I was 15yrs old. Fast forward to today and my fascination has inspired me to further my knowledge, and pursue a career in fitness.


I find it so rewarding helping people reach their goals as well as witnessing each individuals transformation into a stronger and more confident person.  My clients range from all ages and fitness levels.  I expect my clients to work hard and of course have fun!  I’m also known for having a great playlist.  I’m honored to be part of Ascend Body.  Im inspired by the mission and approach of the studio, our goal is “to help you live your best life.

Justin Biddle

Fitness Coach. NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Prior to working at Ascend, I was a medical malpractice defense attorney. I found myself overweight, unhappy, and feeling stuck in an office job I didn’t like. In 2014 I signed up to train at Ascend as a semi-private client and the rest, as they say, is history. With a little hard-work and the help of the Ascend community, I became stronger and leaner…and lost over 30 lbs. Through the improvement I made at Ascend, I soon found myself happy, healthy, and active. Training at Ascend even led me to signing up for my first triathlon and in 2017 I completed an ironman distance race.


With my newfound health and confidence, I quit my job as an attorney and, inspired by the positive effects that health and fitness had on my own life, decided to pursue a career as a personal trainer.

My personal experiences have made me a firm believer that health and wellness can have profound impacts on one’s life. I get a great deal of satisfaction from sharing my passion for fitness with others and seeing them improve their quality of life and becoming more positive people. I love working with people of all ages and abilities that are feeling ‘stuck’ and want to make positive changes in their life.

Alvaro Campos

Fitness Coach

Alvaro campos has been a Professional Lifestyle Coach and Personal Trainer since 2005.
CHEK Practitioner
CHEK Holistic Life Coach
NASM CPT & Corrective Exercise Specialist
Functional Movement Screen
Alvaro’s journey into the professional fitness world began after he started accumulating injuries from his extensive background in sports and dance. Feeling helpless after seeing multiple doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and other health practitioners, he was searching for answers. Ultimately, that search led him to figure out the nutrition and training paradigm he needed to sustain a happy, healthy, and injury-free life for himself.


Through healthy food choices, exercise and habit modification, Alvaro was able to correct his own imbalances and successfully rehabbed himself from 2 knee surgeries. Unsatisfied with simply fixing his problems, Alvaro went on to train himself to perform on an even higher athletic level and ultimately took 4th place on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior.

Alvaro believes in a no nonsense, individualized and holistic approach to 1 on 1 training. His approach looks at the whole person, not simply exercise, and what they need to achieve their healthiest life possible. His clients have not just changed long term physically, but have increased their confidence in their own abilities. Alvaro loves working with a wide-range of clients including those that require corrective exercises to fix imbalances or injuries, de-conditioned clients looking to gain fitness and lose weight, and serious athletes looking to take their performance to the next level.

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