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How Does The Keto Paleo Diet Stack Up?

The benefits of adopting a paleo lifestyle go way beyond weight loss and maintaining a healthy physique. This ‘low carb’ diet, that generally avoids dairy, grains, processed foods, preservatives and added chemicals, has numerous other health benefits including aiding in balancing blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation within the body, clearing the skin, regulating sleeping patterns…

By Shane Young March 27, 2017 | 

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Preventing & Reducing Back Pain With Spine Stabilization Exercises

Back pain can range from being mildly uncomfortable to seriously debilitating and is incredibly common in the American population, with around 31 million people suffering from back pain at any given time. One of the key factors in preventing back pain is strengthening and stabilizing the many different muscles of the core. However, often when…

By Shane Young March 3, 2017 | 

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Meet our newest Warrior of the Week: Kimberly Kung

Kimberly joined us here at Ascend in July and is one of our most dedicated Boosters! She had been searching for a place where she could get her body moving but she wan’t interested in a typical gym environment. We’re super excited to have her here and to help her achieve her fitness goals, one…

By Shane Young January 28, 2016 | 

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How I lost 10 pounds within one month at Ascend Body

  This is my story… the transition When I moved to San Francisco few months ago, I was looking for a place to help me become stronger, lose unwanted fat, improve my posture and be part of the holistic community. I should say that I was lucky to have found Ascend Body. From the moment,…

By Shane Young January 7, 2016 | 

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Meet our latest Warrior the Week: Riga Mann

Riga came to us back in August, she was looking to loose some weight and also to add strength and weight training to her fitness routine.  Riga has been faithfully attending our Semi-Private sessions and, in just a few short weeks was already seeing awesome results.  Watch Riga’s video and see what she has to…

By Shane Young December 9, 2015 |