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I love the classes, I love the trainers! ….the Boost session was intense. There was lots of strength training, core training, we got some cardio in and good stretching. I highly recommend this class!

Matt H.

I fell in love with Ascend. I lost 10 lbs, gained strength and I stand up taller! My mom has even noticed how much fitter I look.


The wedding came & I felt so confident in my dress! I can't thank the trainers at Ascend enough for empowering & encouraging me to discover my own strength.


I truly feel like myself again for the first time in almost three years. Shane's holistic approach to wellness (truly mind, body, spirit) includes sleep and diet and taking time for oneself in the craziness of life, as well as exercising. The boost classes are wonderful ….


Just wanted to share the win…I have lost over 6 pounds! But the best part is that it actually doesn't matter. I LOOK visibly better and I FEEL a thousand times better. Thank you so so much for your guidance and support.


I feel proud of really sticking to a plan. Ascend is not just a normal gym, it’s very holistic, inviting and exactly what I was looking for to get ready for my wedding….and the wedding dress fit perfectly!

We started out in the Semi-privates at Ascend. I’ve really noticed a strong core, which I love...and what I love is the individualized attention and also learn from watching the trainers correct other people. We’ve lost a combined total of 30 lbs. We love Ascend! Brad and Michael


Since I started at Ascend, I’ve lost 40 lbs. I went from a size 18 to a size 10.I have a higher sense of self respect….and I appreciate myself

Ene and Thai

Ascend is amazing! It's the neighborhood's best kept secret….Every class you walk away drenched in sweat but leave with so much high energy. All the instructors are all-stars with each bringing their own individual butt-kicking workout to keep you on your toes.

Sarah H

I never thought I'd have so much fun doing burpees and Bulgarian bags. And I have really seen results! I am stronger, leaner, and happier. They also have informational workshops and fun social events. It is not just a gym. It's holistic support system for wellness and fitness.


I lost 10 pounds of fat in one month. That was a great motivating factor for me to stay on the healthy lifestyle course….all the trainers are very knowledgeable, it's a supportive community structure and they truly care!


My results were really pretty amazing. In just 30 days I lost 23lbs. That made a huge difference in how I look and feel!


Shane is both gifted and skilled in his craft as a professional body worker who taps into some deep personal energy for his clients. I have always left his space with a profound sense of gratitude and a renewed sense of self.


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