Spring into Easter Action

By Shane YoungApril 18, 2019

Spring is the perfect time of year to lighten up your diet and your outlook by turning your aspirations into action.

Spring into Easter Action - Healthy Easter-Ascend Body

ACTION is Ascend Body’s motto for the month of April, and Easter — or Passover if you prefer — is the perfect season and reason to get moving on your wellness goals.

Put a little spring in your step

Easter can be more than a sugar rush that wears off. Choosing to view the Easter bunny as hippity-hoppity inspiration can motivate you to take action on your fitness routine.

Lighten up your diet and your outlook

When flowers are blooming and fresh produce is popping, it’s easy to do some spring cleaning of your mindfulness. Just sweep away those winter doldrums that can be convenient excuses to drag you down into self-doubt.

Action: Just get into it

“Action is the foundational key to all success,” said Pablo Picasso. Nature’s springtime bounty of sunshine and stone fruits is a masterpiece anyone can appreciate. If you love the arrival of cherries as much as we do, try our Paleo Cherry Pesto Chicken recipe. Or consider putting peaches and nectarines on the grill as a beautiful side to your favorite protein.

Step by step is the name of the action game

Beyond the consumerism of stores filled with disposable bunny ears and Easter baskets, holidays based on faith can help us consider our personal spirituality. Confucius, for example, offers up these words of wisdom: “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”

Leap like a rabbit into action

Your SF personal trainers at Ascend Body are here to give you the boost you need to come out of your shell like a fluffy baby chick. Some ideas?

You can always join our Boost program for accountability and perspective, with fat-burning, metabolic-boosting core functional workouts and the support and accountability of our community of elite trainers.

Action in the great outdoors

Have you ever thought about doing a 5K run? Opportunities abound to bring a social aspect to your fitness game. All you have to do is pick a race, sign up, and show up. The action is in the trying! May we suggest San Francisco’s Easter race or Earth Day run?

Support your local farmers

Maybe you just feel like walking and not running. Get some fresh air at the many local farmers markets we are blessed to have in our city, like the Castro Farmers Market that features produce, flowers, and treats from over 25 farms around the Bay Area. Your gut and your mood will both benefit from making the choice to indulge in healthy seasonal favorites over traditional commercial favorites like chocolate cream eggs or jellybeans.

Forgive yourself — What Would Jesus Do?

Whatever your favorite Easter treat is — even if it’s a naughty, unnaturally processed, packaged, and perfectly albeit toxically dyed Peep — you can always opt to take action with moderation. Have a FEW (rather than a few hundred!) of those irresistible treats and then quickly move on to a much more fulfilling protein alternative, like those hard boiled eggs that often go to waste after they get painted.

More than nothing is something

The great news is that action is simply the opposite of being passive. Join us for a special Easter workout whenever it fits into your spring schedule, and then take action multiplying like a rabbit on your strength training reps and high intensity interval training.

Or choose to spend your Easter Sunday just living a little and giving a little. Join your friends from Ascend Body on a picnic blanket in Dolores Park with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for the return of the bonnett and Hunky Jesus contests. Have several servings of fun with your fitness and you’ll already have a head start on summer!

To get started on springing into action right now, try 2 weeks of unlimited Boost Your Body sessions for just $29.


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