Six Reasons Our Group Fitness Classes are for You

By Shane YoungJune 5, 2019

Reasons for Joining Group Fitness Classes at Ascend Body

If you are lacking motivation or simply need that extra push, small group fitness classes can give you the extra edge you are looking for. At Ascend Body, we call them Boost Your Body, because that is exactly what you’ll get! The perfect Boost to increase your strength, stamina and increase your energy. With four different kinds of sessions available: Boost Build – to build your strength, Blast – to develop power, Burn – increasing your cardio capacity and X – to maximize core strength and conditioning. Get all your needs met here!

1. Motivation

Have you tried a Boost season with Nina, Leslie or Darren? Then you know what motivations is! We are a team of like-minded personal trainers, nutritionists, wellness coaches striving to build healthy, happy lives through exercise, nutrition, restoration, and positive thinking.

There’s nothing like having someone cheer you on, push your limits, and celebrate your accomplishments. We all know there’s strength in numbers. When you’re surrounded by others all sharing the same goals and challenges, your session becomes a team effort and the drive for success is contagious. Everyone wants you to succeed and push your limits, and the sheer energy of the group pushes you further than you thought you could go.

2. Good Form

We’re not shouting orders like your local Crossfit. We’re tending to your form to ensure you not only get the best results out of your workout but you’re also doing it correctly to avoid injury. We’re here to make sure every aspect of your workout is optimized, healthy, and delivering the best results for the energy you’re putting in.

3. Accountability

Our coaches check in on you and offer support. While some gyms plan on you paying a membership and not showing up, we count on our community of superstars to keep you going strong. It’s a lot harder to blow off a workout when you know you have a community supporting you and counting on you to come join in to continue your fitness journey together. Powered by positivity, our coaches are here to help you find your superhero powers. We guide you to find your highest level of strength and radiant health.

4. Variety

Random workouts don’t deliver results. We take pride in our workouts. While most studios let the coach pick the workout for the day, we take a huge amount of pride in our programming to ensure results and consistency. We program a variety of new exercises fresh each month with all the energy systems that you need to – build power, strength, strength endurance, increase cardio and flexibility. The variety of programming develops all aspects of your body, mind, and spirit, helping you become the superhero we know you are!

5. Fun

Don’t be a stick in the mud! Have you tried a bear crawl down the runway or a partner exercise that makes you laugh? People can sometimes feel like their workout is a chore. Not at Ascend. We have a rigorous and intense program that also incorporates a lot of fun. Our classes are challenging, rewarding, and uplifting.

6. Gratitude

It may sound like a funny thing that helps you with your fitness, but whatever you focus on, you get. We end our sessions with gratitude and positivity, this way your mind is already being wired to start the finish of your day with amazingness. A happy body leads to a happy mind, and for that, we have gratitude—gratitude we pushed ourselves, achieved our goals, crossed new boundaries, and strengthened our bodies and souls.


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