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By Shane YoungJanuary 4, 2018

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Hi Everyone. Happy 2018! It’s a New Year, and a new day! I hope you had a wonderful and fun time celebrating the conclusion of 2017.
Today I wanted to share part of my personal story with you. (That little pic above was taken just a few days ago at Mount Shasta with my two pups in tow. Wonderful get away!)
Many of you may not know that at one time I really struggled with my health, addictions and anxiety.  Sick with serious digestive and mental health issues; I was in constant pain, depressed, anxious, on a slew of medication that only put a bandaid on the problem and, I was a binge addict to top it off.


My life was totally out of balance.

I was stuck on a roller coaster of bad decisions immediately followed by buckling the hatches down and doing everything “right.” Eating right, exercising hard and basically being really hard on myself to try and make up for reckless behavior brought on by the extreme discomfort of living with the “dis-ease” I continually felt in my belly.
If I ate “bad” foods or made unhealthy decisions, I worked out harder, spending hours running, working out and making the latest fad smoothie drink, and taking handfuls of supplements and vitamins that never really helped anything.

I was lost and alone and really had no real answers to my yo-yoing addiction and health issues.

I had been to see many great doctors, gone to retreat centers in the middle of nowhere, seen more specialists, but all to no avail. The best answers that I got were drink more water, eat more fiber, and take this pill.
2001 was a low point. I was unemployable, basically had nowhere to live, and in constant struggle and pain.
In a search for answers, I decided to try alternative medicine and started seeing an acupuncturist, Kristi Steinbock. Through her support, amazing acupuncture sessions, dietary changes and starting to incorporate a truly “holistic approach” to my life, things really started to change.

I found out that taking responsibility was the key to my power.

After such great success with acupuncture and eastern modalities, changing my nutrition and being consistent, starting a meditation practice and a holistic lifestyle, I decided to help provide support for other people, too.
Today I am medication free, have good digestive health, I exercise to “feel good,” I eat to thrive – I am strong and healthy, and on most days… I feel amazingly free.
To bite-size an 18 year journey; I signed up and completed programs at or in; Zen Shiatsu Institute, the Acupressure Institute, NMT trainings, NASM personal training certifications; began studying energy work, Yoga philosophy / Tantra, CHEK Institute practitioner level 2, CHEK Institute HLC level 3, and also Guy Voyer osteopathic training; ave) Have had indepth mentorships with; Kathy Kapps, Lori Del Mar, Jay Craver, Cody Fielding, Jator Pierre, Janet Alexander, Swami Rudra Ballentine.
By practicing, living, and embodying these substantial changes came; the strengths, the healing, the openings and expansions, and the great joys from which I get to now share the myriad of teachings I am so grateful to have received myself. I opened my first studio in 2010 and then my second studio in 2013. Next month, I so excited that Ascend will be relocating to a new, larger home at 2415 Mission Street! What an adventure, I am so grateful and humbled by all that have done this alongside and with me.
From my education, and many experiences, I extracted the most invaluable practices to achieve a strong, healthy, well-balanced life both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Those practices created Ascend’s Four Cornerstones:
  1. Exercise
  2. Nutrition
  3. Restoration
  4. Positive Thinking

I know that these foundational elements changed my life and believe they can change yours, too!

Now, it is your turn!
We’re all on different journeys, and I understand your challenges might not be the same as mine. Maybe you feel stuck in stressful career, hounded by negative thoughts about your body, or have toxic relationships that leave your energy drained.

Based on my work with hundreds of clients, making a decision to change is the single most important thing you can do.

When you take action and responsibility for where you are, it marks the beginning of your journey to where you want to be. The minute you make a decision and take committed action, your life begins to not only change, but to expand.
You start to live as the person that you want to be, and it feels good!
That’s why it’s so important that you surround yourself with people who can teach, guide and support your commitments and effort.
Let me and the entire Ascend Body team share our experience, knowledge, and strength with you in our biggest and best yet 2018 Fitness and Nutrition Challenge:


Start January 15th
Our Rise Up To The New You Challenge Provides:
  • Unlimited Personal Training – Choose from Boost, our small group (12 participants) class, or add our exclusive Semi-privates (4 participants) for an additional $250)
  • Four In-Person Nutrition Workshops – Guiding and supporting you through the detox with invaluable education you’ll have for years to come.
  • Meal Plans – Easy to follow with a comprehensive food list and recipes that align with your preferences
  • Success Manual – Do It On Your Own Again & Again
  • Insider’s Website – Free access for a month
  • Buddy System – For Support and Helping You Stay On Track
  • Private Facebook Group – A supportive place to go  for Inspiration
  • Inspirational Emails – Get a jolt of inspiration on a daily basis to keep you going
  • Extensive Kitchen & Pantry Overhaul Instructions
I am excited to support you on your journey and am confident you are going to love every bit of it!
Join Us Now for the – RISE UP TO THE NEW YOU 2018 Fitness and Nutrition Revolution
Call with questions 415-757-8206
(Early bird ends January 7th)
Breathe Sweat Smile,
Shane Young
*About Ascend Body: As the best personal trainers in San Francisco’s Mission District, we offer 1:1 personal training, Semi-Private strength training sessions and Boost your body small group training sessions. We pride ourselves on having the best nutritionist, massage therapists and wellness coaches in SF to provide you a one stop shop for all your SF fitness and wellness needs. Call (415) 724-7164 to schedule a free nutrition and fitness consultation today!


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