Saturated Fat – Good or Bad?

By Shane YoungOctober 20, 2014

It is a popular belief amongst most people that saturated fat can make you gain extra weight. But is it true? Yet others, say it’s a myth, a bunch of bologna! What is the reality, what is the truth? Today we are going to discover the truth behind saturated fat. We will come to determine whether saturated fat is good for our health or bad.

Should I Eat Saturated Fats?

It is a common belief that consumption of saturated fat is not good for you and that it can cause heart disease. Many medical authorities also believe that. Today people like to avoid saturated fats as they think saturated fat can cause harm. Now it’s time to travel back in time to observe the people who ate saturated fats without controversy, who did not have a positive or negative opinion of saturated fat whatsoever! If we go back just a hundred years we will see that fewer than one in one hundred Americans were obese, that coronary heart diseases were unknown. Compare the past condition with the present. You will see now that most people are suffering from heart disease only because they start to avoid saturated fats! Yes, it is true!

According to some of the latest research:

  • High doses of cholesterol and saturated fats do not produce atherosclerotic lesions in omnivores
  • People who take more saturated fats in their daily diet face less heart diseases
  • Saturated fat is good for human body

It’s now clear that saturated fats can play many important roles in the human body to strengthen the immune system. It makes muscle and bones stronger, provides energy, protects the liver as well as assists the body’s metabolism. In the past, medical authorities considered that all fats were created equal and assumed that they’re all bad for consumption. However; nowadays things have changed. You have already heard the current medical thinking on saturated fats: saturated fats are good for you. That is a great improvement, but still we are far from the truth.

Many people believe that some saturated fats are good for health and some saturated fats are bad! Saturated fats like canola and olive oil are good for health, but other fats like chicken, organic lard, bacon, butter, eggs, meat and other heavy creams will boost your weight gain program – that you should cut off from your diet plan! Is it? Should I cut all these delicious items from my diet plan? What does that mean? Oh NO! Not at all! Why? Because our body needs saturated fat! Continue to read to understand why saturated fat is important for us.

Why Saturate Fats Good for Your Health?

Saturated Fats Make Your Bones Stronger

At the age of 40 to 45 bone mass starts to decline. At this stage it is very important to make your bones stronger. Saturated fat is necessary for calcium to be incorporated effectively into bone. Recent research argues that it is important to keep at least 50 percent of saturated fat in your daily diet to keep your bones healthy. Only calcium can make your bones stronger and what are the sources of calcium? Yes! It’s saturated fat! It is a matter of sorrow that men and women are told to avoid saturated fats, and rather than fats, they are asked to eat only vegetable oils. Can that stop you from losing bone mass? If you go to the doctor they will prescribe you too many medicines and calcium tablets, but will that be effective? Saturated fats are the inexpensive way to make your bones stronger. Taking enough calcium from childhood throughout adulthood will help to build bones up as well as help to slow bone loss as we age. We need as much saturated fat as is recommended, and dairy products are the best source of calcium. Saturated fats can lower the risks of colon cancer and osteoporosis and colon cancer.

Saturated Fats Make Your Lungs Healthy

Lung surfactant contains a lot of fat content and most of those are saturated fatty acids. If you replace the critical fats by different type of other fats, it can cause faulty surfactant as well as also cause breathing difficulties. Basically the absence of the right amount fats cause problems, and composition of these materials often leads to collapse of respiratory distress. For exact functions, the air spaces of your lungs need to be coated with thin layers of lung surfactant. Some researchers discovered that the substitution of hydrogenated fats for natural saturated fats in prepared foods can be playing a greater role in the rise of asthma among children. The heyday of hydrogenated fats is ending as is their uses. Unfortunately, the fear of saturated fats lead people to use polyunsaturated vegetable oils that can be unhealthy for you. So, to keep your lungs active and to avoid breathing difficulties, it is important to eat saturated fats!

Saturated Fats Improve Liver Health

If you add saturated fats in your everyday diet plan, then it will encourage your liver cells to dump all the fat content. Though it is a very critical step to clean the liver fat, however; it is the first step of calling a halt to body fat storage. Saturated fat will protect your liver from toxic insults of medications like acetaminophen and alcohol as well as other drugs that are used for arthritis and pain like anti-inflammatory medicines. Saturated fats also help to reverse the damage when it has already occurred. Do you know that the liver is basically the lynchpin of healthy metabolism, so foods that are good for your liver are also good for you to cut extra fat! Polyunsaturated fats will not be able to offer this protection, but saturated fat can!

Saturated Fats Reduce Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Cardiovascular health is important for your body. If you add saturated fat to your diet, it will help you to reduce the level of substance which is known as lipoproteins, which correlates with risk for heart diseases. A variety of researchers have shown that people who add saturated fat in their diet and eat more saturated fat, can lose extra weight fast. While lipoprotein correlates with the risk of heart diseases, there are no medications at this moment to lower the substance. The only way to lower lipoprotein is by eating saturated fats. Ultimately saturated fats are responsible for lowering the chances of heart diseases.

Saturated Fats Make the Immune System Stronger

Saturated fats play important roles in your immune health. Most importantly, coconut oil and butter that contains lauric acid and myristic acid are the best for your immune system. Due to unreasonable fear many people avoid saturated fat. However, because of the lack of sufficient saturated fatty acids in our white blood cells, our blood cells fail to recognize and destroy viruses, fungi and bacteria. We need the dietary replenishment throughout our whole life to keep our immune system vigilant. We will also be able to stop the development of infectious invaders and cancerous cells.

Saturated Fats Make Your Brain Healthy

A healthy brain can help you to improve your creativity. A healthy brain is the secret of a successful life! You will be surprised to know that your brain is made of cholesterol and fat. And the amazing thing is that the lion’s share of all the fatty acids in your brain are saturated fatty acids. Surprised? Unsaturated fats are not capable to improve the functions of your brain like saturated fat. To make your brain more active, there is no other option but to take sufficient amounts of saturated fatty acids.

Saturated Fats Improves the Nerve Signaling

Saturated fats have the ability to improve your metabolism system. There are several saturated fats that improve the nerve signaling like butter, coconut oil, palm oil and lard. It also helps to maintain some of the more difficult jobs like maintaining the release of insulin. Do not ever think that just any kind of fat can do this. Only saturated fats have this ability. Without proper signals, the organs as well as glands fail to understand what to do, and due to this, they start to do things improperly.

The Bottom Line: Do you still think Saturated fats are BAD for our health? No, saturated fats are absolutely good for our health! Even if you add saturated fat to your everyday diet, you will be able to enjoy a healthy as well as happy life. So… Saturated Fats are GOOD, GOOD and GOOD!


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