Rise Up to the New You 2018

By Shane YoungJanuary 11, 2018

Fitness Challenge


We’ve all heard the rumors about 30 day challenges – the results won’t last, they’re just trying to sell you something, you aren’t allowed to actually eat. Today we’re putting those rumors to rest once and for all. You don’t have to live on grapefruit and high priced protein shakes for a month or only consume lemon water for a challenge to be successful. Here are just some of the reasons our 30 day fitness challenge doesn’t suck, if fact our challenge is pretty damn cool 🙂



Come alive! Our Boost Your Body workout sessions are for everyone. Not only are they proven to increase metabolism and strength at the same time, our group atmosphere keeps it lively and fun too! We can’t emphasize enough that we are not a bootcamp – no shouting, no basic exercises with terrible form. Our focus is on quality movement patterns and doing things safely, with good form, so you can see lasting results. Good posture, burning fat and building strength while also creating body awareness.


Our Whole Foods detox is ALL about sustainability. You should never have to starve yourself to see results. We want to shift your mindset away from what you “can’t eat” toward things you can eat that are tasty and satisfying. But most importantly, we want people to know that there is never just ONE diet that is perfect for everyone. Every body is different and we take a personal approach when it comes to your body’s needs and sustaining those eating habits throughout the challenge and beyond.




Nothing is more frustrating than buying hundreds of dollars worth of pills, supplements and powders only to see zero results. We aren’t selling anything but a concept here. We teach you to listen to your own body and eat what it’s REALLY asking for. (Don’t worry – we’ll help you fine tune those listening skills too). Eventually your body will learn to heal itself by following all of these steps of the challenge.


Is there anything worse than working your butt off for a month then gaining all of the weight back after? Our goal is for you to sustain those results well past your 30 day challenge. Our most important job is teaching you how to develop habits that stick, even if that means minor changes over a long period of time to arrive at your goal. Why? Because it feels GOOD.


Are you ready to jump start your fitness regimen? Sign up for our new 30 day fitness challenge today and see the results for yourself!


Starts January 20th!

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It’s time to break your barriers and come join us for the 30-Day Rise Up Fitness and Nutrition Challenge. Spaces WILL run out, so be sure to reserve your spot now. And don’t forget: acting now gets you the early registration discount, the two free bonuses and the empowering journey Rise Up to the New You!

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Breathe, Sweat, Smile,



*About Ascend Body: As the best personal trainers in San Francisco’s Mission District, we offer 1:1 personal training, Semi-Private strength training sessions and Boost your body small group training sessions. We pride ourselves on having the best nutritionist, massage therapists and wellness coaches in SF to provide you a one stop shop for all your SF fitness and wellness needs. Call (415) 724-7164 to schedule a free nutrition and fitness consultation today!



30 Day Fitness and Nutrition Challenge - Starts July 13th!

ATTENTION SAN FRANCISCO! 30 Day Fitness and Nutrition Challenge start July 13th. Ready to jumpstart your life? Take action now! Get details here.
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