Put Your Best Foot Forward

By Shane YoungJanuary 27, 2016

Put Your Best Foot Forward

No matter what you do or where you are in life, you always want to put your best foot forward. Often people think that being out of shape and overweight is part of aging, but that’s just not true. You can do something about it and prevent the problem from returning by taking the first step to a healthier, more shapely you.

Don’t feel guilty about taking care of yourself.

Many women live their life giving up their time for family. Maybe it’s the kids soccer games or your aging parents that rob you of time and make you feel guilty if you do something for yourself. They’re even more reason to carve out time three or four times a week to get back into shape and remain healthy. Not only will you be taking a step toward putting your best foot forward, you’ll be in better shape to cope with the demands of life, including family.

Burn off weight as you burn off stress hormones.

Exercise is more than just a way to tone and firm your body, you’ll also be burning off hormones created by stress. These hormones, such as cortisol—which is often linked to abdominal fat, cause changes to your body that play havoc on your health. You’ll find you feel more relaxed and happy after working out for a short time. That’s because the exercise not only burns off stress hormones, it replaces them with hormones that make you feel good.

Build the energy to accomplish more.

One amazing part of working out is the increased energy you have after you’ve spent a few weeks in a program. You’ll be doing something for yourself and for your family. You’ll no longer feel dragged out and exhausted, but will have the energy to really enjoy life again. You’ll have enough energy to do more than just work and start to be the woman you remember that was fun.

Look years younger as you become fitter. Exercise not only helps the body, it helps the complexion too. You’ll look years younger when you workout.

Walk with confidence. Building your strength and fitness builds your confidence, but also improves your posture, which tells the world your more confident and ready to tackle anything.

Look stunning and feel good about yourself again. Shaving off weight and sculpting your body can help you get back to the woman you were or wanted to be. You’ll be proud of the new body you have.

Sleep like a baby after exercising. Regular exercise can help you sleep better at night and that makes everything better, from your appearance to your cognitive functioning.


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