#PushPause – What Makes Me Feel Alive

By Shane YoungMarch 30, 2015

I recently returned from a five-day fitness conference in San Diego and want to share how much I absolutely love and appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for reading our blog, for prioritizing health and wellness, and for being such an integral part of our growing community at Ascend Body. I am so grateful to work and train among people who create a sense of fulfillment and bring meaning to my life each day. Thank you, truly.

We all experience times in our lives where our jobs seem unremittingly stressful, our kids (or furry friends!) get sick, or the car breaks down and we lose sight of what really matters in our lives– the people, activities, and ideas we hold close and true. We become so consumed and preoccupied by never ending to-do lists and deadlines that it becomes nearly impossible to appreciate “the now”.

Although it can be hard to admit, this happens to us all; it’s a natural part of being human and leading productive, coexistent lives. What’s important is how we respond to added stressors, unanticipated events, and those times where everything feels completely beyond our control. When it does, I find it helpful to pause and to either think or write about what drives me and create the time to actually do what makes me smile.

While I was away, I realized that having alone time in a hotel always affords me uninterrupted time to reflect and think about what’s important in my life– the reasons why I wake up each morning and aspire to do what I do with passion and grace.

I thrive in a community filled with love and positivity and want to share 5 aspects of my life that make me feel truly and uncompromisingly alive.

  1. Growth. Growth is one of my core values. I love to learn, challenge myself, and expand my worldview through listening and studying. Anything that has to do with the inner workings of mind, body, and spirit and their interconnected nature motivates me to adapt and grow. I am inspired by our infinite capacity as humans to transform through spiritual practice, reading, and quiet observation.
  2. Exploring my purpose. I love helping people thrive. When I see a client change, progress, or overcome I feel more connected to my purpose than ever. When someone experiences an “aha! moment” I can actually see and feel the light turn on between what’s happening in the brain and the body’s physical response; the shift is indescribable and truly magical.
  3. Exercising in Nature. Running, hiking, biking, climbing, and playing outside make me feel alive. When I “turn off” my brain, push through the fear of not having enough time, and I stop worrying about my to-do list, everything suddenly changes. Life seems simpler, more fun, and fuller. I just have to trust, let go, and get outside.
  4. Love. Feeling love for other human beings inspires me to live the best and truest version of myself possible. Shared vulnerability is beautiful and when I feel a connection, I feel whole.
  5. Playing with my puppies. Their sweet unconditional love reminds me not to take life too seriously and to never stop playing.


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