Paleo Protein Shake Recipes

By Shane YoungMarch 15, 2015

After tons of trial and error with some delicious and some, uh… not so delicious protein shake recipes, I’ve compiled a list of four tasty and nutritious shakes to help you prepare for or recover from a hard workout at Ascend…so you can keep coming back for more! I’ll go into some recommendations I have for protein powders in my next post.

All of the shake recipes linked below are loaded with high quality protein to aid in muscle recovery, boost metabolism, and keep you feeling full longer. Also, the majority of the recipes contain no dairy or refined sugars– awesome. Check ‘em out and let me know what you think!

The Ultimate Real Food Protein Shake

This protein shake is one of my favorites because it doesn’t use any protein powder; all of the protein is from real food! While you’ll consume a little less protein per serving (about 18 grams compared to 25-30 using powder), you’re guaranteed a healthy, nutrient-dense, shake made from whole foods. Yum!

Protein Workout Recovery Shake Using Gelatin

The title says it all: this shake is an excellent post-workout recovery shake using gelatin. A combination of figs, hazelnuts, and water produces a milky consistency without the dairy! The shake is tasty and goes down easily after a challenging full-body workout. Gelatin is super beneficial because the amino acids help rebuild tissue and muscle which is absolutely essential after any workout.

Espresso Protein Shake

If you’re anything like me, it’s tough to get up and hit the gym for an early morning session with one of our trainers…who all seem to be eerily cheery for the time of day! Drink this shake before your workout and feel the jolt! It’s made from cashew milk, egg white protein powder, and bananas to give your body the protein and energy it needs to fuel your muscles. The caffeine also boosts your metabolism!

Post Workout Almond Protein Milkshake

I’m nuts for nuts! Especially almonds… and raw almond butter… don’t get me started! This nutty milkshake is perfect after a particularly strenuous workout and uses whey protein to help rebuild those muscles. Whey is a protein that’s easily absorbed by the body and you can totally switch it out if you have a dairy sensitivity. The raw almond butter is insanely delicious and almond milk is a perfect dairy alternative. I bet it tastes great using coconut milk too!


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