Our Dream, Your Dream

By Shane YoungFebruary 17, 2013

Hello Everyone… As our Indigogo Campaign is gaining momentum, please check out our video if you haven’t already and help us inspire change.

Inspiring Change in our lives…

To be more than what you already are, whether that is to have well developed muscles, nice abs, to fit into your favorite pair of jeans with ease, or to have less back pain and more vitality: it’s your DREAM that will really get you there.  Your goal or dream and how that dream will ultimately makes you feel is what we’d like to guide you towards.

Check this out…. take a moment and feel into each of these two statements:

“I want to loose weight because I feel fat and want more attention. I should go back to the gym, everyone at that dinner party looked better than I did. My best friend just lost a bunch of weight, I should too.”
“My dream is to feel strong in my body. I feel good about myself when my pants fit just right. I feel a sense of satisfaction after a good workout. My body looks and feels damn good!”

This is what one of my mentors calls “using the carrot” to get where you want to go, or “using the stick”. Are you drawing yourself towards looking and feeling better?  Or are you using your will, and beating yourself there? Which are you???
The choices that you make using “the carrot”, instead of “the stick”, are deeper, and bound to last because feeling good, well,  just feels good. Whipping yourself into what you think you should be, isn’t very fun and is bound to fail or result in some sort of misery either physically, emotionally, spiritually.

When you are walking towards change and start to see that change, whether you realize it or not, you are affecting change in others. In that regard, you can think of your dream to feel good, as supporting someone else’s dream to feel good. Isn’t that awesome?!  That change in you affects the grocery store clerk, your parents, your partner, the people you work with, and on and on. Inspire yourself and… inspire others.

What if you found your dream, or deeper connection to why you want nice looking abs, slim fitting jeans, more muscle or a healthy back?  That is why I dreamt into expanding Ascend Body… to inspire more and more people into health and wellness who are truly living their dream.

It’s my experience coaching people that when you stay connected to your dream, the choices that you make naturally fall into alignment. I’ve seen amazing progress in the people that I work with, they are my inspiration! Living their foundational principles:  eating, moving, breathing, thinking, sleeping, drinking.
I want people to recognize the feeling space of health and wellness. We want to help you uncover and breath life into your dream.
Please attend our workshop on Mandalas and goal setting.

To me, it’s like this… find your dream and live it, make choices towards it and, it just so happens it comes with nice muscles, great abs and/ or jeans that fit great.  Feeling good from the inside out!

Please support our Indiegogo Campaign as we move towards our dream of inspiring more and more people’s health and wellness through our community outreach programs.

In health,
Shane and the Ascend Team


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