New Stretch and Mobilization Class at Ascend! Check it out now!

By Shane YoungApril 29, 2019

Breathe - New Stretch and Mobilization Class at Ascend!

Ascend is as much a believer in the yang (active /energizing / heating) as it is about yin (restoring, energy building, cooling). It’s all about balance, rhythm and flow and listening to what our bodies are telling us. We know you are working hard and sweating it out in our Boost, Semi-Private and 1:1 training sessions and now we’re offering you a chance to relax, unwind and restore from all that hard work!

It’s our new class called BREATHE. It’s a combination of slow flow yoga, stretch, mobilization, and myofascial release. It is here to help you unwind those tight muscles, relieve aches and pains, and get you in touch with your body and your spirit.

Slow things down and give yourself some much needed self-care. This yoga isn’t about pushing or striving; it is designed to give your body relief from your physical activities and a break from the daily wear and tear of life. This class is for anyone who wants to build self-awareness through strengthening and stabilizing while also learning how to unwind and restore.

The infamous Sarah Moody, Ascend’s resident yoga instructor will be hosting your evening classes that are held in candlelight to encourage relaxation and help you unwind, and the sequence evolves organically depending on the requests of the class and how everyone responds to that evening’s program. The class is 45 minutes and happens every Wednesday night at 7:30 PM.

Try this at home:

Here’s how:
Lie down on your right side with the head and neck supported.
Stretch both arms straight out in front of you, left palm resting on top of the right.
Inhale and trace your left hand along the inner right arm + chest, continuing to open the arm out to the side as far as is comfortable for you.
Exhale and return the left arm to start like you’re closing a book.
Repeat several rounds then switch sides. 


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