Meet Bryce! From Yoga Practitioner to Movement Specialist!

By Shane YoungOctober 9, 2018


From Yoga Practitioner to Movement Specialist!


From Yoga Practitioner to Movement Specialist


“For a long time, strength/conditioning and skill acquisition relative to sports was my life. When I completed school and realized I wasn’t going to the NFL I began to compete in powerlifting. Powerlifting helped me understand the mechanisms behind developing strength but left me immobile and 20 lbs too heavy for my frame. Inevitably, I got a serious injury that forced me to rethink my path. That’s where yoga came into my life and I was interested in becoming a movement specialist. 


As soon as I became a practitioner I realized how deficient I was at holding postures. Nothing in the weight room prepared me for being on the mat. A few years after my practice began I was a different person. Yoga connected my head to my heart and my heart to my body. It also connected me to a teacher that became my mentor, confidant, and friend.


I studied under Matt Krepps at the Circle Yoga Shala for the last four years. It’s a school for yoga, creative movement, and self-inquiry. My work with Matt ultimately pulled me toward a more complex movement practice. During my time at the Shala, Matt and I would practice for 3-4 hours a day. We started researching and utilizing the work of Ido Portal. He is an Israeli Movement teacher who created the most comprehensive method for developing the movement with the human body outside of specialization.


I took a workshop with one of his top teachers a few years ago and was amazed by his intellectual and physical development. I decided at that moment that I would travel anywhere in the world to work with him. Eight months ago he started a practice in SF and I moved here from Arkansas to be his student. I would love to put the tools and methodology that I’ve acquired to work with movers (people) who are serious about their health and wellness. If that’s you, you know where to find me.” 


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