How I lost 10 pounds within one month at Ascend Body

By Shane YoungJanuary 7, 2016


milesh-picThis is my story…

the transition

When I moved to San Francisco few months ago, I was looking for a place to help me become stronger, lose unwanted fat, improve my posture and be part of the holistic community. I should say that I was lucky to have found Ascend Body. From the moment, I walked into the studio and met Shane and his team, I knew that this is going to be the right place for me. What really made me join Ascend, was their holistic and integrative approach of combining fitness, nutrition, restoration and mindfulness into their program. 

the process

Since, I am a vegetarian, it has always been a tough battle for me to gain muscle while keeping fat in check.  With Shane’s assistance, I was able to completely overhaul my nutrition plan. I realized that lot of my meals in the past had tons of sugar and carbs. And those easy to grab protein bars when you are hungry were actually the worst.  I changed my food habits to include a clean diet that had good carbs, organic veggies, fruits and nuts. I complemented my diet change plan with the Boost workout training at least 3 times a week and stretching exercises to improve my posture and reduce pain. Simple and easy to do, things like, drinking more water, sleeping for at least 7 hours, meditating and getting massage, made a huge difference. I started seeing positive results both outside and inside.

the result

When I weighed myself a month later, I was surprised that I had lost 10 pounds of fat while becoming stronger. Along with loosing fat, I was able to bid farewell to Ms. Stress and welcomed Mr. Energizing Bunny (and guess what, I don’t drink coffee.) This new energy inspired me to write a humorous book to make people laugh, called ~ 69 Hilarious Guests in just 14 days. I could have taken this renewed energy back into the corporate environment or I could use it to do something better and that’s when I decided to join Ascend’s team as their CDO (Chief Development Officer).

Living a holistic lifestyle is a continuous process and I am happy that I am in good hands.


Milesh Milan Jain


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