How to Lose Weight (and keep it off!)

By Shane YoungAugust 3, 2018

Sustainable Weight Loss (goes beyond food!)

sustainable weight loss

Calories in vs calories out isn’t the whole story when it comes to weight loss. You can eat kale
for breakfast, lunch and dinner and still not see the results you’re looking for. Sustainable
weight loss encompasses more than merely diet. Of course, it’s important that we fuel
ourselves with the right nutrients, and the ‘right nutrients’ is the operative phrase here.


Not all calories are created equal – an equal caloric sum of potato chips and broccoli have considerably
different effects on the body; 100 calories of potato chips will spike insulin, store fat and cause
brain fog, 100 calories of broccoli detoxifies the bodies and nourishes cells to help them
function properly. But, as I said, food is one component when it comes to sustainable weight
loss. Here are the others:



Drink Up

sustainable weight loss
Our bodies are roughly 50%-70% water. You have probably heard to drink 8 ounces of water
per day, but water needs are more individualized than this. Hydration needs vary person to
person based on exercise, diet, body fat, weather and age to name a few.


We need water to properly absorb nutrients and digest food as well as emit waste and replenish our cells. Water
keeps our cells healthy and helps our bodies get the nutrients we need – and with proper
nutrients, the body stays full longer.


Next time you’re hungry, grab a glass of water before a
snack and see if this does the trick. Water aids in keeping our metabolisms moving, our bodies
fueled and our bellies full. Plus, it’s great for your skin. So, grab a glass and drink up!


Sleep Tight

sustainable weight loss
People undervalue the importance of sleep. As a health and wellness coach I often see people
struggle in this area – including myself! You go to bed too late, miss a workout, feel lethargic all
day and try to find energy in food. When this happens, our bodies look for an alternant source
of energy, confusing hunger with a need for sleep – this is when we overeat. Sleep is a time for
our bodies to recover physically and mentally. Lack of sleep leads to poor immunity, poor food
choices and can cause hormonal disruptions. Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN believes sustainable
weight loss is achieved by forming consistent healthy habits. Give your body a rest and set
yourself up for a good day of healthy choices.


Get Moving

sustainable weight loss
Exercise is another fundamental aspect to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping pounds
off. Exercise influences our eating habits, sleep patterns and attitude – you work out, tend to
feel good about yourself, make healthier food choices, sleep better and release endorphins that
reduce stress. It’s important to remember that consistency is key when it comes to exercise. I
see a lot of people approach exercise with an all or nothing attitude. You have a good streak for
a few weeks then fall off the horse into a bad streak. If you miss a few days don’t shame

yourself for falling out of routine, go work out, you’ll feel better! Remember that health is a
matter of balance and consistency, not perfection. Every workout doesn’t need to be a knock
out boot camp. Find a type of exercise that you enjoy so it isn’t a chore but something you look
forward to. Listen to your body and do the work out that feels right. If it’s one of those days and
you’re feeling tired and lazy, get out and go for a walk. Go move your body, you never regret it.


Chill Out

sustainable weight loss
Stressed? Stop and focus on your breathing – sounds insignificant I know but give it a try. Take a
moment to slow your pace, refocus your attitude then revisit the task at hand. When stressed,
the body shifts all of its energy resources toward fighting off the stressor. During this stress
response theadrenal glands releases hormones called adrenalin andcortisol. These hormones
cause higher insulin levels, blood sugar decreases and you crave sugary, fatty foods. Norman
Vincent Peale, author of ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ stated “change your thoughts and you
change your world.” Don’t undervalue the impact of a positive attitude. Our mindset and self-
image have a more significant effect on our overall health than most people realize.


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