Kick Start Your Day with a Cup of Bulletproof Coffee!

By Shane YoungNovember 3, 2014

Bulletproof Coffee is a fantastic source to get healthy fat in the morning! Surprised? Most people get surprised after hearing this. Many people do not dare even try this! But why? Try it once and I am sure you never go back.

If Bulletproof Coffee is a new concept to you, then the first question that may come to your mind,
“What is Bulletproof Coffee?”

Well, Bulletproof Coffee is nothing but a cup of black coffee with butter (best option is grass-fed butter). You can also add medium-chain triglyceride oil. Every time I tell people I put butter in my coffee they cringe. Don’t knock it, til you try it!
(This article is not about Dave Asprey’s upgraded “BulletProof” coffee, it’s about the recipe and having a better form of coffee if you are going to enjoy a cup!) It is a butter-and-oil combo that will offer you maximum energy, a healthy body as well as great performance.

If you are a sugar and cream lover, you’ll have to forget about these two items. Just add a pat of butter to the morning coffee, and it will help you kick start your day. Healthy fats also supercharge your brain functions as well as create an effortless fat loss without any cravings. Paleo dieters also add this beneficial coffee to their diet plan to keep them healthy.

Ok, so here’s the recipe:

· Boil a cup of filtered water.

· Brew black coffee from 2 to 3 Tbsp. of ground organic coffee beans

· Add one Tbsp. grass-fed butter

· Add one tsp medium-chain triglyceride oil

· Mix all the ingredients in a blender for 10 to 20 seconds, you will get a creamy texture

That’s it! It is super easy to prepare. Just remember; No SUGAR, No CREAM, No crappy pesticide sprayed beans.
Though I feel the taste of Bulletproof Coffee is great, coffee with butter may not be your thing! In that case you can get plenty of positive aspects from medium-chain triglyceride oil. You can drink your coffee alongside an egg cooked in medium-chain triglyceride oil or even coconut oil. Coconut oil is naturally rich in medium-chain triglyceride oil. If you want, then you can add them to any of your favorite smoothies. However; do not forget to stick with all-natural varieties.

Why Should I Use Grass-Fed Butter?

It is a very common question that is asked by many folks! Basically, grass-fed butter really matters. Corn or even soy-fed cows do not make butter with the same quality of fats that you will get in grass-fed butter. Butters that you will get from soy-fed cow do not blend well, do not taste nearly as good and are definitely not as healthy (the omega 3 to 6 ratio is much higher) for your body. This will not help to make a person feel Bulletproof!

There is no confusion that Grass-fed butter is healthier than any other butter. And no, it is not going to elevate your cholesterol levels. Basically, it optimizes them! If you start your day with one Tbsp. of grass-fed butter, you will get a lot of energy, and give you superb healthy fats. These healthy fats will be used for energy and as hormonal building blocks, just to name a few.

Try bulletproof coffee just once, with 1 or 2 Tbsp. of butter. The healthy fat will sustain you until you are ready for your breakfast. You will be able to experience the best morning of your life. You will feel boundless energy and it is amazing. After drinking one cup of Bulletproof Coffee, you will never be tempted to eat insulin-raising, fat-free, fat-storing toast as well as boring oatmeal breakfasts again!

Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

Grass-fed butter supplies a perfect ratio of omega-III to omega-VI fatty acids. It is healthier than conventionally raised livestock. On the other hand, medium-chain triglyceride oil is a unique form of healthy fat that require a lot less energy as well as enzymes to be fully digested. It is far better if you compare it with any other types of fats like long-chain triglycerides. There are some other benefits of bulletproof coffee:

· Bulletproof Coffee will help balance your morning blood sugars

· It will keep you energized

· It can help melt fat by stabilizing blood sugars

· It provides necessary saturated fats and conjugated linoleic acids

· It improves your hormonal system

· It is the best for your cognitive function

· It will give you important antioxidants

Is There Any Negative Aspect?

There is no confusion that Bulletproof Coffee is an excellent source of healthy fats. However, there are some negative aspects:

· The Dave’s Bullet Proof Coffee is recommended as a substitution for breakfast, which I do not recommend. Get your rainbow of nutrients please! Bulletproof Coffee is still coffee. If you are a person burning the candle at both ends, i’d recommend you stay away from caffeine altogether until you are more balanced.

Bottom Line: While not “optimal”, it’s a hell of a lot better than Starbucks or other whipped cream coffees! Try it once and feel the difference. And, remember the 80/20 rule. Live and eat as perfectly as possible 80% of the time to stay primed and healthy which gives you the room to cheat 20% of the time.


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