Joseph’s Story

By Shane YoungJanuary 8, 2018

For most of my life I have been thin. I could eat anything I wanted in large quantities (and I did), and not gain a single pound. I was very active in high school and college, mostly running and swimming. In my mid 20’s I started working out more and even hired a trainer because I wanted to get bigger and build muscle. That worked for a while, but life got in the way of my fitness and wellness goals. As I entered my thirties, my body also changed. Genetics were no longer on my side. I started to gain weight, bouncing around on the scale going up and down for years.


Joseph's Story

By 2010, I was at my heaviest weight ever, so I became very dedicated to eating well and exercising. Unfortunately, my motivation didn’t last. By 2014, I weighed 262 pounds, a new high. I started using a Fitbit and MyFitnessPal to track my exercise and diet. I also started running again for the first time in 20 years. Over the course of 14 months, I lost 62 pounds. Then in July of 2015, I started having problems with my knee and could no longer run. My injury was a huge blow because I’d become so dependent on running for managing my weight.


By the start of 2017, I was deeply entrenched in a new, very demanding job. I clicked so far into workaholism and people pleasing, that I worked 12+ hours a day. I went home exhausted and ate pretty much whatever I wanted for dinner. Soon, I started binging nightly on ice cream or candy as well as TV, Netflix and YouTube videos.

Joseph before starting the 30 day challenge and practicing the 4 cornerstonesJoseph's Story

Eating a whole pint of Talenti Double Dark Chocolate or a giant-sized bag of Sour Skittles while staying up way too late watching The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt or This is Us was commonplace. In the morning, I would begin a continual drip of coffee into my body with a Starbucks breakfast sandwich. I would sometimes make it out for lunch, but more often, I grazed on the high-carb, sugar snacks in the kitchen at work.


This all came crashing down in May, when I could no longer face myself in the mirror. Once again, I had packed it on and weighed 237 pounds. I knew that I had to take action or I would continue my warped relationship with food and likely reach a new high weight. After doing some research and talking with Shane, I decided to try a ketogenic diet, start working out, and signed up for the Love Your Body Challenge at Ascend.

I signed up for the Ascend Body 30 Day Fitness and Nutrition Challenge, participated fully in the detox and did great in my workouts!

The challenge was amazing. Participating in the challenge ignited a renewed commitment to diet and exercise. But most importantly, the challenge helped me change my relationship to food. For the first time, I could see how I used food  to change my feelings. I would have a feeling and reach for comfort, which took the form of sugar or some other friendly carbohydrate like tater tots. I learned how important food is to the regulation of our hormones and my own personal metabolic type. It turns out that my body needs more protein and fat than carbohydrates.


Joseph's Story

I lost 40 LBS! Before the challenge, I could only do 4 push ups and now I do 20!

I also realized how much I dreaded going to a large gym with overcrowded classes, people with attitude, and instructors that didn’t know my name. Ascend is the “anti-gym.” It is a community focused around four elements – exercise, nutrition, restoration, positive thinking – that resonated with me from the beginning. Ascend has perfectly sized classes and I love the instructors, as well as people I meet.


Since beginning the challenge 6 months ago, I’ve lost 42 pounds. I also feel stronger than I have in nearly 25 years. Although I am far from perfect, I hit the studio 4-5 times a week in a combo of Boost classes and Semi-private training. My eating habits align with what I learned and my weight is steady at 195.


Joseph's Story

I feel comfortable in my own skin, which has increased my confidence and self-esteem.

My journey has shown me how powerful the act of intention can be. 365 days ago, I wrote down that I wanted 2017 to be the year that I got into the best shape of my life. Now that my intention has become my reality, I am looking to the year ahead and new goals.

For the New Year, Ascend Body is offering another 30 day challenge. If you want to change your body, and your life, I highly recommend you check it out! 


Start January 15th
Our Rise Up To The New You Challenge Provides:
  • Unlimited Personal Training – Choose from Boost, our small group (12 participants) class, or add our exclusive Semi-privates (4 participants) for an additional $250)
  • Four In-Person Nutrition Workshops – Guiding and supporting you through the detox with invaluable education you’ll have for years to come.
  • Meal Plans – Easy to follow with a comprehensive food list and recipes that align with your preferences
  • Success Manual – Do It On Your Own Again & Again
  • Insider’s Website – Free access for a month
  • Buddy System – For Support and Helping You Stay On Track
  • Private Facebook Group – A supportive place to go  for Inspiration
  • Inspirational Emails – Get a jolt of inspiration on a daily basis to keep you going
  • Extensive Kitchen & Pantry Overhaul Instructions
I am excited to support you on your journey and am confident you are going to love every bit of it!
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Breathe Sweat Smile,
Shane Young
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