Jator Pierre Posture 3

By Shane YoungOctober 11, 2012

Posture: The WE (water | Earth) Approach Part 3


Sitting at my computer writing this blog I am very conscious of my posture.  Do I have my neutral lumbar curve = check, is my thoracic spine in proper alignment = check, do I have my head and shoulders in alignment = check.  I run this tape loop in my head at all times.  As my own posture has normalized I have found less need to run this loop during my daily activities but the need is always there when I am in an ergonomic environment that my body was not designed for = cars, couches, desks, computer, sending texts on the phone etc… “We are still cavemen, just wearing suits and driving cars!” – Paul Chek    Without conscious awareness of your posture it will be almost impossible for any trainer, coach, practitioner, P.T, O.T to get your system to change.

A suggestion I use with my clients = purchase an alarm clock or anything you can set to go off every 15 minutes during the day, each time this alarm goes off it serves as a reminder for you to check your posture and realign yourself (make sure your coach has taught you how to do this, do not try to align your posture based on your ideas of what good posture is, this will usually serve to deepen the issue), try to hold your posture until the alarm goes off again, before you know it your new posture will be the norm and you will no longer feel like a “robot”.

Our current environment (city living) can encourage visual dysfunction.  Reduced color variety, changes in depth of field (loss of distance vision), and the increased exposure to close-up working environments such as computer screens, cell phones, tablets, have all contributed to poor posture secondary to visual inadequacy, while at the same time creating a boom in the business of glasses, contact lenses, and corrective eye surgery.

Moving your body can help improve posture, but this needs to be done with awareness of biomechanically sound posture.  If you are not into working on “posture” at Ascend Body, cool, other forms of postural training include Tai-chi, Qi-gong, and Yoga, but these must be taught by a very skilled practitioner and it is my belief they should be taught 1 on 1 or very small class with others that have similar postural faults.  If taught in this manner not only will you improve your postural awareness, you will also start to harvest your vitality (energy, qi, prana, life force) and begin to let the body truly heal, reduce stress and inflammation.

Our environment is literally polluted = toxic water supplies worldwide, toxic air, toxic soil, electromagnetic pollution, out gassing from industry, homes, automobiles, this literally overwhelms our hormonal and immune system.   In fact electromagnetic stress alone has been shown to disrupt cell communication which can lead to many health issues.  Posture reflects the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of health, again, just a reminder that it will be highly unlikely to get good results helping your clients address any physical issue unless you are taking the entire stress load on the body into consideration. “10 Tips for Healthy Ergonomics” – Paul Chek


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