What are you Hungry For? Feeding Your Unique Metabolism

By Shane YoungJuly 11, 2016

It may be hard to believe but each and every one of us has a distinct metabolic profile. Our metabolic type is pretty much just as unique as our fingerprints which means each of us should adhere to a diet specific to our individual needs in order to maximize our results.

People react differently to different types of foods.

Basically, the premise of metabolic typing is that people’s metabolisms are best served by a conjugate nutritional profile that eliminates problematic foods and bolsters those your body agrees with and thrives on. These distinctions are largely due to your ancestor’s geographic origin which makes all of our nutritional needs significantly different from one another.

At Ascend Body, we recognize the importance of tailor-made fitness and nutrition programs which is why all members answer a series of nutritional profiling questions pertaining to metabolic type before we design a plan that’s as unique as you are!

Not only does recognizing our metabolic type help us lose weight, but it also helps us feel energized and maximizes our productivity. It’s important to eat foods that are in sync with the needs and energies of our bodies in order to feel full and healthfully satisfy our cravings.

In an effort to keep things simple, I want to share a few basics of metabolic typing. The three essential categories are:


  1. The Protein Type
  2. The Carbo Type
  3. The Mixed Type


As you would imagine, each general category corresponds to a dietary profile specific to the category you fall under based on your answers to a host of questions. Through trial and error of certain food combinations, you will successfully determine your optimal diet. What’s best, is you will feel more inclined to stick with it because you’ll see results and feel great, too!

We’re not talking about elimination diets, we’re talking about individualized nutrition.

Those who fall at the Carbo Type end of the spectrum generally do well with a relatively higher ration or carbs versus a diet rich in fats and protein. Vegetables constitute the primary form of carbs, and fruits and some grains can also be advised. Less dense forms of protein are recommended for these folk such as white meat chicken and turkey.

Those who land on the Protein Type side of things are encouraged to consume fairly high levels of fats and proteins in order to satisfy their particular cravings. Typically, these people thrive on healthy fats (omega-3, grass-fed, etc.) and denser proteins such as dark meat chicken and beef. Personally, I fall into this category!

A mixed-type person will enjoy the benefits of, you guessed it, a mix of the two profiles above! Many people fall into this category and tend to see results eating a combination of protein types while maintaining a diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables.

If you’re curious about where you fall, please chat with us! We would love to help you determine the healthiest nutrition program designed for your body and your individual goals and needs. This is fitness and nutrition at the next level.


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