How to Speed and Support Your Metabolic Rate

By Shane YoungDecember 28, 2016

metabolic_rate1Understanding Metabolic Rate

There are many factors that effect your metabolic rate such as your daily activity level, dietary choices, lean muscle mass, stress levels, nutritional supplements, age, sleep patterns, etc.  This post is not an attempt to provide a complete summary of everything you could possibly do to speed your metabolism in support of fat loss, energy production and general health; rather, it is a presentation of some of the key nutrients/supplement/factors that are great to emphasize to speed metabolism, as well as mention of that which you will want to avoid with that same goal in mind.

Much of the science and thinking behind these lists is derived from an understanding of how our cells prefer to make energy; a process cellular respiration.  I don’t want to lose you on the scientific details of that process, but do want to point out where you can learn a great deal about it if you’re interested in deeper understanding.  If you want to know then I highly recommend you start your exploration of knowledge with this article by my favorite biochemist, Dr. Ray Peat, PhD.:

Mitochondria and Mortality by Dr. Ray Peat

Dr. Peat has many eye opening articles on his blog, so after you read that article, explore his site further and search through his article listings for any titles that catch your eye.  After doing so you’ll better understand the reasoning behind these lists.

Things to Emphasize

Things to Avoid

  • Nitric Oxide: so avoid pre-workout supplements that induce nitric oxide production and shy away from protein sources rich in arginine (e.g. hemp, pea and rice protein)
  • Stress Hormones: Elevated Estrogen, Cortisol
  • PUFA’s: Transfats / PUFA’s – hydrogenated oils, heated plant oils, and the supposedly “Essential Fatty Acids
  • Starvation: long gaps between meals / Nutrient Deficiencies
  • D-lactic acid
  • Intestinal toxicity / exotoxins

Thanks to our trainer and holistic health & fitness professional, Will Schmidt, for providing us with this awesome blog!

Recommended Food Chart: Get Will’s recommended food chart to accompany the tips above!


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