How Do You Control Your Breathing?

By Shane YoungNovember 6, 2015

Seriously, everyone knows how to breathe, don’t they? So why do you have to learn how to control your breathing? Have you ever noticed that when you’re under stress or trying to accomplish something very difficult you tend to hold your breath? When you’re excited, has someone ever told you to take a deep breath and calm down? That’s because breathing not only is associated with bodily functions, but it also is links the conscious and unconscious mind together when you learn to control it.

When you control your breathing, you are awakening your awareness to your body functions.

Breathing is necessary, no one will argue with that statement. It brings the life force into the body and then releases the waste. It’s a natural function you do automatically, but you can learn to control it. You can use breathing as a tool to affect the involuntary nervous system, improve body awareness, increase spirituality and decrease anxiety. It’s also an excellent tool to help relieve pain.

Breathwork doesn’t require any special tools and is always available when you need it most.

Once you learn how to control your breath, it becomes the tool itself, so there’s no need for any apparatus other than your own body. You can do it anywhere and at any time and nobody will probably be the wiser. It’s an excellent tool for those prone to panic attacks for those reasons, but can be used in any situation that frightens or intimidates you. Once you learn it, you can also work with other involuntary reactions, such as lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Through breathwork, you can unlock hidden areas of pain.

When you hold your breath, you’re creating stress areas on the body where we keep it hidden from our self. These hidden pains, whether emotional or physical, can be limiting you happiness in life and affecting your health. Through breathwork, you can discover these hidden pains, both emotional and physical and work through them, eliminating these limiting responses for a fuller life.

When you learn to control your breath, you develop more awareness of your body, which you can use as an aid to improving your overall health.

Breathwork acts as a meditative trigger. It helps unlock the hidden creativity in each individual.

When you learn breathing techniques, you are developing a powerful tool for self-healing.

Learning to focus on your breath can help divert your attention from pain, reducing the need for pain killer. It is one reason specific types of breathing patterns are recommended for childbirth.


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