Weight Loss during Thanksgiving: Staying on Track Part 1

By MarieNovember 6, 2017

We all know how the holidays can derail even the strongest fitness plans. For many people, the time between Thanksgiving and New Years is full of family, fun, and lots and lots of eating! The weather also gets colder, which makes it tempting to stay inside, watch Netflix and order Chinese food.


The math is simple. Sedentary lifestyle + pumpkin pie = extra pounds. 


Not surprisingly, fitness and weight loss goals are often pushed aside by the holiday hustle. But it doesn’t have to be that way! It’s not impossible to stick to a healthy lifestyle during winter. It just takes a little planning. Putting in that extra effort will ensure you keep toning up and burning off the pumpkin smoothies you love, while still being able to relax and enjoy the season.


Here are some tips to stay on track towards your fitness and weight loss goals during the holidays:


Did you Fall Back? 


You might not be a morning person. I’m definitely not. To be honest, the thought of getting up early and seizing the day used to make me want to press snooze (for the third time). Working at Ascend Body has definitely changed that. These days my alarm goes off at 5 AM! It was a rough adjustment at first, but now I love having the extra time to set a positive intention for the day, sneak in a few yoga stretches and walk to work.


If you want to achieve your health goals, this is a good time to set your alarm a little earlier. Or, instead of “falling back” stick to your old sleep/wake routine! Your body won’t have to adjust, and you’ll reap the benefits of waking up early.


Tackling what needs to get done first thing in the morning ensures the important tasks don’t get put off. You can use the extra hour to workout, whip up some healthy Paleo pancakes, or get a little peace of mind. So try setting your alarm for an hour earlier each morning and put the extra time to good use!


Kickstart each Day


Exercising first thing in the morning pushes your body into ketosis. This is because fasting overnight depletes your glucose stores. To compensate, your body burns fat to fuel your workout.


In addition to fat loss, exercising early revs up your metabolism, pumps out the feel good endorphins, leads to healthier food choices later in the day and increases your productivity!


This week, pick a day to commit to working out in the morning. Take a BOOST class here at Ascend Body and get your heart pumping, or jog around the neighborhood. Once you feel the benefits of a morning fitness session, you’ll want to keep going. 


Just Meditate


For years, despite knowing how good it was for me, I struggled to make meditation a part of my routine. It just seemed so… boring. A few months ago, I committed to meditating every, single, day. The effects were immediate, and powerful. My mind slowed down, my mood improved and it got easier to stop mindlessly snacking on M&Ms. The secret to making meditation stick? I told myself I’d meditate for just ten minutes a day. 


Meditating even ten minutes a day has a host of health benefits. It can lower blood pressure, decrease anxiety and depression, and relieve chronic pain. Meditating can also help you lose weight by reducing your unhealthy food cravings and harnessing the power of focus and intention.


Incorporating time to focus on your breath is a valuable way to stay balanced. This is especially important during the holiday season, when extra stress from family expectations, gift shopping and a busy social calendar can leave you exhausted. So try it out. Pick the most convenient time to meditate and set a reminder on your phone. Then use the time to settle your thoughts, regroup and reflect. 


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