Holiday Health – Planning Ahead

By Shane YoungNovember 28, 2012

Here’s a little story of what NOT to do, from me, to you this holiday season….

One of the things I teach over and over regarding food and nutrition is, plan ahead.

Don’t get caught with a grumbling tummy and less than optimal food because of poor planning. Reaching for what’s convenient, be that going out to a restaurant when you hadn’t planned on it (you can’t control the ingredients), grabbing a snack bar or worse, fast food!

Here’s the story…..

Going to the airport requires planning ahead. Simply, there are no food choices at the airport that I find sub-optimal, meaning, optimal would be my eating my chosen protein for the day along with the vegetable group that bio-energetically fits best with that protein. Sub-optimal would be choosing something that is, well, not optimal- but a close second best. Is that being fussy? Yes. I do my best to be a living example of what I teach. If I can’t do it, how do I know what it feels like when I ask You to do it???

That being said, I ate before heading to the airport and assumed that that would be just fine before arriving in Denver International Airport to see my folks.

It’s a trip that I’ve been looking forward to, though flying is not my favorite!

The plane is late. Then, the plane is later…. And later. And I am getting hungry. I look around for a sub-sub optimal choice and decide to wait as most of the restaurants in the airport were already closed. It was already past 8:30pm.

Finally, our plane takes off and we arrive in Denver. It’s 1am and I’m really hungry by this time! We get to the rental car place, drive away and I’m thinking there must be something decent to eat around here.

Mind you, Denver’s airport is clear out in the Middle-of-noooowhere! Cattle country folks! There’s clearly nothing open, or even around. Finally we see some signs for food.

Shit – it’s MacDonalds. I’m so hungry I was about to chew the rubber off the steering wheel, I tore into the drive through and talked to the glowing sign.

“I’ll have a chicken sandwich and fries.” Yes, I said it.

The plan was to eat a few fries and the chicken, ditching the bun.

I braced myself and Scott handed me fries, I figured I’d be OK, this hasn’t happened in maybe ten years. Then, the sandwich…. We opened the wrapper and all that was to be found was a bun. That’s it. No chicken, no nothing, just a bun.

Ha ha ha! We call this, “God doing for me what I could not do for myself.”

This is all kind of funny, a gluten free guy being served a dry bun, not even the poor antibiotic ridden bird wanted to be in that wrapper.

I thought it was a sign. I went to bed hungry and my belly thanked me for it later.

OK, funny story over. Your coach was going to eat a chicken sandwich from MacDonalds, har har….but seriously, not planning ahead puts a serious amount of stress on the body. Whether I ate something really bad for me or not eating at all is stress on the body. The body’s reaction to stress is pumping out cortisol and adrenaline, producing heat. It’s like putting your car in neutral and hitting the gas petal. The body’s organs and tissues get inflamed and the body starts to break down. Do this enough times and the symptoms are endless. Aching joints, IBS, bloating, constipation, restless sleep, skin rashes, all the way up to burn out adrenals and autoimmune diseases.

We all have good intentions, know we are trying to eat right for our Metabolic Type, thinking about organic foods and keeping a watch on our problem area(s). Be that; coffee, sweets, bread, wine or late night snacking.

But all that goes out the window with poor planning. Planning for success, for me, means the following; getting out the crockpot, thinking about what my body wants to eat for my rotation diet for the week, shopping for in-season organic ingredients and preparation.

I also, need my glassware (no plastics) to pack my lunches and snacks in and placing them front and center in the fridge, least I not forget it on the way out of the house at 5:15am in the morning.

The solution for the plane ride on the way home from Denver? A carry-on packed with turkey, a smorgasbord of root vegetables, ham, Brussels sprouts with bacon and pecans (organic, hormone free, blessed and thanked.) And it all went through security just fine.

Note to self- plan ahead for possible late planes! Bring a meal and healthy snacks with you.

Happy Holiday!






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