Weight Loss During Thanksgiving: Staying on Track Part 2

By MarieNovember 13, 2017

Healthy Holidays Part 2


November is chugging along and turkey day is quickly approaching. That means lots and lots of pie, mashed potatoes and gravy are all right around the corner. For those of us trying to stay on track with weight loss, the upcoming feast is part blessing, part temptation. So let’s continue where we left off last week with tips and tricks to keep you healthy for the holidays! If you need a refresher on the first three techniques to have healthy holidays, you can check out Part 1. Quick recap for the newbies: wake up early to make the most of your day, try to break a sweat in the morning and fit some meditation into your busy schedule. O.K., let’s dive right in with the next three steps!


Arrive half-full 

Before you rock up to a party, make sure to eat something nutritious beforehand! Snacking before you go to a holiday party is a great way to prevent yourself from gorging on all the caloric goodies that are sure to be offered. Make sure to sneak some protein into your snack to stay satiated. Think an apple with a handful of nuts, or some turkey lettuce wraps. If you need more inspiration, Paleo Leap has some great ideas for healthy, filling snacks.

The same principle can be applied to grocery shopping; never grocery shop hungry! If you do, you’re likely to fall victim to the strategically placed holiday themed junk food at the checkout counter. For example, my personal achilles heel is candy corn. It’s hard enough for me to resist it on a good day, but if I’m hangry- forget it! The same idea goes for gift shopping- eat a snack beforehand, or you might decide stopping for a triple-shot extra-whip pumpkin pie mocha isn’t that bad for you. (Hint: It is). 


Plan ahead 

Ever heard the saying ‘if you don’t plan for the day, the day makes your plans for you’? No? OK… that’s because I just made it up. But it’s true! How many times have you found yourself half starved grabbing anything edible in sight? Or pushing off your sweat session because you’re exhausted from a long day of making conversation with your in laws? Especially during the hectic winter months, it’s important to plan ahead in order to have healthy holidays.

For example, if you’re going on a long drive to visit your grandparents, bring along some high quality jerky to munch on.  Or maybe you have a long day of meetings, followed by a company happy hour where the only food options are stale peanuts and alcohol. In that case, you might want to sneak in a quick workout in the morning and pack a protein bar to eat before happy hour. Either way plan ahead! Fitting exercise and nutrition into our busy lives isn’t impossible- it’s essential. So make it a priority, and pencil it into your schedule accordingly. 


Get enough shut-eye 

Sleep is essential for fitness and weight loss. First off, you’re more likely to go to the gym if you’ve gotten enough shut eye. But sleep does more than just increase your energy and reset your willpower. When you sleep, your body rebuilds muscles fibers and regulates the two main hormones responsible for hunger (Ghrelin) and satiation (Leptin). If you don’t sleep enough, your Leptin levels drop while Ghrelin increases. That mean’s you’ll be hungrier all day, and are more likely to reach for sweets and simple carbs to keep you going.

OK, so how do you make sure you get enough sleep? Turn off the electronics, stop the stimulants after 3 pm, relax before bedtime and stick to a consistent sleep schedule! To learn more about the connection between sleep & fitness, read our blog post and check out the video below! Happy snoozing!

Stay tuned for our final installment on having healthy holidays, coming soon!


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