Our Top 5 Healthy Restaurants San Francisco

By Shane YoungAugust 28, 2018

Healthy Restaurants San Francisco

Eating well is a huge part of building healthy, happy lives. There are lots of great recipes for you to try when you’re dining at home, but sometimes you want someone else to do the cooking. Check out some of our favorite dining options for eating well when you are out and about town.  These are our Top 5 Healthy Restaurants San Francisco.

healthy restaurants san Francisco



Top 5 Healthy Restaurants San Francisco: 


Lotus SF Indian Cuisine

Lotus SF Our Favorite Healthy Restaurants in San Francisco's Mission District

Enjoy authentic, earth friendly Indian cuisine at Lotus SF. Their goal is to offer San Francisco the finest traditional Indian cuisine and keep it healthy and green. Do they ever deliver! Shane’s favorite dish is the chicken coconut curry. All the curries have organic spices, non-GMO oil, organic coconut oil and organic ghee. For a tiny upcharge, you can also request organic chicken. Don’t forget to add the gluten free Naan! If you’re hungry enough for an appetizer, check out the Mixed Veggie Pakoras. This vegan haystack of fried veggies is delicious!


Mixt Our Favorite Healthy Restaurants in San Francisco's Mission District

The Mixt philosophy is “From sprout to plate, we’re all about offering smart, healthy, on-the-go people, smart, healthy, on-the-go food.” The lack of delicious, healthy, high quality lunch options brought the creation of Mixt. Support your healthy lifestyle with a meal that is sustainable, local, non GMO, and organic. Shane’s “go to” meal is the make your own salad option. He opts for chicken, fresh spring greens, nuts, caramelized onions, apples and cranberries in his custom salad creation.


kitava Our Favorite Healthy Restaurants in San Francisco's Mission District

Kitava’s core philosophy includes the belief that nourishing food can be good for the body, the community, and the planet. The menu is free of gluten, soy, peanuts, refined sugar and seed oils. Unless they note, menu options are also dairy/grain-free unless. Shane recommends that you try their specialty, the Cuban Bowl. This tasty pork and plantain dish is naturally sweet plantains, avocado, kale slaw, cilantro-garlic mojo sauce, white rice and beans. You can also substitute cauliflower rice or extra kale slaw if you like.

The Little Chihuahua

The Little Chihuahua Our Favorite Healthy Restaurants in San Francisco's Mission District

The Little Chihuahua is a unique taqueria that focuses on sustainability and good, wholesome Mexican food. The quality of their produce is outstanding! The freshness and quality of their sustainable ingredients really shows through in the taste of their dishes. Enjoy savory meals with organic meats and also non-GMO corn. Be sure to try Shane’s favorite, the Tostada Salad which is The Little Chihuahua’s signature salad. It is organic mixed greens, black beans, avocados, pico de gallo, queso fresco, cucumbers, and mango salsa with a lime-cilantro dressing on top of a crispy tortilla shell.


souvla Our Favorite Healthy Restaurants in San Francisco's Mission District

Souvla’s motto is to “make it nice and be nice”. Inspiration for this fast-fine Greek restaurant is casual souvlaki joints found all over Greece. They source their meat locally and their produce is sustainably grown.  These combine to create healthy, nourishing menu options. Their natural meats are rotisserie roasted and wrapped in warm pita bread. Be sure to also save some room for frozen Greek yogurt after your meal! Shane’s favorite dish at Souvla is the chicken salad dish. This healthy and tasty meal is free range chicken, “granch” dressing, fennel, navel orange, pickled red onion, pea shoots, and Mizithra cheese.

Is your mouth watering yet? Indulge your appetite while you nourish your body with healthy food at any of these great dining options.  So, tell us, did we miss any of your favorite healthy restaurants in San Francisco’s Mission District?  Be sure to tell us about them in the comments below!


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