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By Shane YoungDecember 18, 2018


Hey There,


Are you tired of fitness challenges that leave you overwhelmed, uninspired, and right back at square one? Most people are and we are, too!


When you dedicate your time and energy to a program, you deserve to come out feeling uplifted, inspired, and ready to take on the world.


That’s why we created our 30-Day Fitness Challenge (add-on of Nutrition Reset available, too!) – specifically designed to transform your mind, body, and spirit into a personalized program for long lasting results.


With our holistic approach to transformation, our challenge is guaranteed to change the way you exercise, feed your body, and live your life. The challenge is professionally crafted for long-term, sustainable results and teaches you to find your inner powers and unleash the true superhero inside.


The program is not only effective, it’s uplifting, empowering, and enjoyable. We customize the program especially for you to make it a personal, intimate journey, because we know one size does not fit all!


And our clients appreciate it:


“I am so happy to have connected with Ascend body; the trainers are all incredible and offer diverse class styles and personalities. Sessions are integrative and I leave feelin


g refreshed and reenergized which is a nice departure from the abuse my body was taking from other workouts! Ascend has enabled me to focus within and heal my body while getting stronger each day. I cannot thank them enough and highly recommend checking out this special place.” – Sand M.


 ” I love the classes, I love the trainers! ….the Boost session was intense. There was lots of strength training, core training, we got some cardio in and good stretching. I highly recommend this class! – Dan Marchese


We’re here to help you breakthrough your barriers and become the person you always wanted to be but didn’t know where to begin. Well, it’s time to start right here and right now!


– Plus, you’ll have fun. The 30-Day Challenge is structured to help hold you accountable … and if you’re motivated by competing with others, you can also join in a friendly group competition with other Challenge participants to see who can create the greatest results.


If you’re ready to have an attitude of “I get to exercise” rather than “I have to exercise,” it’s time to dive in.


Take your first step to transformation today and save over $476 on our 30-Day Challenge! We only have 10 spots available and our early registration is only open until January 1st, So claim yours now!


Get all this:


  • 30 Days of UNLIMITED Small-group personal training sessions – Our Boost sessions empower you to build workout habits you’ll keep for life. (A $257 Value) (Upgrade to Semi-privates for only $499)
  • Private Jumpstart Consultation  We’ll fine-tune the 30-Day Challenge for your level of fitness, goals, and any physical limitations or injuries you’re experiencing.(A $97 Value)
  • Post-Challenge Metrics – To help you celebrate how far you’ve come in just 30 days! (A $27 Value)
  • Holistic Nutrition Upgrade – On-Demand Online Workshop, upgrade your nutrition with this virtual workshop. A good workout starts in the kitchen! (A $97 Value)
  • Support, Inspiration and Members – Be a part of our amazing community and receive support from our dedicated coaches and private Facebook group. (A $97 Value)


——( 30 Day Nutrition Reset available for an additional $199, workshops start on Saturday Jan 19th, 11AM)


We look forward to assisting you in your journey to the new you – empowered, inspired, and unstoppable!


To register please call 415-724-764, or email Veronica our Studio Manager at [email protected]!


-Your Friends at Ascend


30 Day Fitness and Nutrition Challenge - Starts July 13th!

ATTENTION SAN FRANCISCO! 30 Day Fitness and Nutrition Challenge start July 13th. Ready to jumpstart your life? Take action now! Get details here.
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