Get the #1 Habit That Will Help You Lose Fat

By Shane YoungOctober 9, 2017

We are so inspired by the success of our 2017 Fall into Fitness Challenge participants. It’s been an incredibly positive and uplifting experience to play a role in empowering our participants to achieve their fitness and wellness goals. Most of our participants lost over 8 pounds and reported greater mental clarity and better food choices. Congrats to them!

Committing to a permanent lifestyle change is hard work. But we’ve learned that through the support of friends and closed ones, through the power of community, we can achieve things beyond what we imagined for ourselves. We see this on a daily basis with our clients, most of whom continue to choose Ascend Body because they get to be a part of our beautiful community.

My Fitness Pal’s coaches did a poll with their colleagues and aggregated over 167 of their top habits for weight and fat loss. That’s a lot of good habits! But after going over them, they found that the top habit wasn’t even listed. What is it you ask?

COMMUNITY! That was the overarching habit that supplanted everything else. The support of awesome people to do it with you!

The secret to fat loss

“Permanent lifestyle changes happen in relationships. Whether they take place with peers, a coach, family, friends, coworkers, the other anonymous people at the meetings….”

I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon of popular fitness blogs, but this, I believe. Why? Our recent fitness and nutrition challenge participants filled out a survey and so many of them said that the awesome, inspiring, playful community at Ascend is what helped them succeed. Pretty cool, eh?!

We have a group of clients right now who are texting and calling each other to make sure that they are up and at ’em in the morning, starting their day off right. Amazing! And the vibe is right to jump in and really connect with others who are doing good things for themselves, consistently.

We’d love to hear how a community or a loved one has helped you succeed with fat loss!

Jump into our 21 day jump start program and get the supportive, happy, judgement free community you deserve!

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Enjoy your Monday!

Shane and the Ascend Body Team


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