Follow Your Northstar

By Shane YoungJanuary 12, 2015

Follow Your North Star

I just had a brilliant conversation with a new client today. She was talking about a time in her life when she had done a mentorship while living in Japan. While in Japan, she found herself eating simple foods- mostly gluten-free fishes, rice, vegetables, and smaller portion sizes than she was used to. She found that it provided plenty of energy after only a couple of weeks of adjustment. She found herself immersed in the wonderful world of simplicity while learning textile designs. 


It seemed to be a pretty wonderful, exploratory , creative and enriching time of her life. My point is that she did not go to Japan to lose weight, but she did! This is the process I’ve been talking about! We get happy, we do the things we love, we eat simply. I could see a radiance and brilliance in her eyes when she was finally remembering this time of her life. To further my point it’s a much different process when someone comes in saying I want to lose 30 pounds and that is the goal. By all means that is a fine goal to have, however when we focus on a number it can be a constraint.


We don’t lose weight to get healthy; we get healthy and then we lose weight. It’s a very simple equation but sometimes hard to wrap our minds around. Sometimes we don’t trust the process. Here at Ascend Body we focus on what we call our Northstar, our guiding light, the path that lights up the direction in which we are heading. Instead of focusing on losing 30, 40 or even 50 pounds. Let’s focus on being inspired, eating healthy, living simply and following our dreams.


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