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Truth Bomb: Are You Tired and Burnt Out?!

Are you feeling tired, burnt out and overall just depleted? Many people come to us lacking energy, are overweight and just plain feeling tired. Living in energy pleated body is like trying to swim upstream.

Rebuilding and restoring your energy reserves is a critical component of a well-balanced, happy and fulfilling life —both physically, emotionally and mentally. Without it, we’re not only unproductive, we invite depression, anxiety and dis-ease into our lives. That’s why here at Ascend, we promote relaxing, rebuilding and restoring your vital energy reserves. Truly thriving means living in dynamic balance and when we do that well, life feels good. We invite you tap into the energy that is all around you and replenish. Let’s give you back your energy, your vitality, your sense of ease and peace.

Massage Therapy And Bodywork

Once seen as a luxury, today’s health and wellness practitioners around the globe know massage and body work are integral keys to whole body health. Equally important to nutrition, exercise and positive thinking, massage therapy and bodywork reduces stress, releases muscle tension and often relieves symptoms associated with chronic pain.

Our treatments are provided by massage and bodywork experts with extensive training and hands-on experience. Drawing from a wide array of tools and techniques practiced worldwide, we provide you with a fully-customized massage therapy and bodywork session that can include; Deep tissue, Neuromuscular therapy (NMT), Myofascial release, Shiatsu, Lomi Lomi, Acupressure and a variety of energy work practices, including Reiki. We have a wonderful team with a variety of skillsets and offerings. Put simply, you’re in good hands around here.

Wellness Workshops

We are firm believers in the work hard and play hard methodology. We love to breathe sweat and smile! At the same time, we’re deeply committed to teaching you how to rebuild your reserves through sustainable practices that build a strong foundation so you can continue to operate at your highest level.

In our wellness workshops you’ll gather with a group of like-minded people eager to sharpen their minds and strengthen their bodies. Monthly, we offer workshops where you’ll learn everything from how to restore and listen to your body through the energetics of food and nutrition, to breathing techniques for strength training and meditation, mindfulness practices, wellness techniques including- mobilization for the joints, detoxing the body physically and emotionally, meditation, Qigong, Myofascial stretching and release and so much more.

Because, you’re worth it.


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