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The secret of powerful Nutrition in San Francisco

Our nutrition experts want to teach you that food can be your friend. A way to fuel you, sustain you and energize you. Proper holistic nutrition will help you shed unwanted pounds, heal from auto-immune dis-eases, thyroid and adrenal dysfunctions, as well as countless other common ailments. We’ll teach you the science, as well as how to listen to what your body really wants and needs.

That’s where we come in.

As much as we love a good workout, we know you cannot out-exercise a poor diet.
That’s why we integrate functional and kinesiology-based nutrition into our holistic nu-trition programs we offer at Ascend.

We create custom nutrition plans

You are unique! And one-size-fits-one and so should your meal plan. A good exercise routine always starts in the kitchen with real, whole foods. There is no trick pill, powder or fad diet that creates sustainable results. Furthermore, there is no one plan that works for every body. Just like your fingerprint, your body’s nutritional needs are unique. That’s why we’re passionate about metabolic-typing and other functionally-based nutri-tion protocols that allow us to assess your needs and integrate them into a custom nu-trition plan unlike anything you’ve seen elsewhere.

We’re firm believers that food really is medicine. And with functional nutrition, we’re equipped to restore balance in your body, based on your one-of-a-kind needs. A bal-anced body is a healthy body. And by fueling your body with the specific nutrient-rich, whole foods it craves, you can both prevent and control any chronic disease that has threatened to inhibit living your very best life.

Our Nutritionists Tap Into Your Body’s Secret Health Code

We use insights drawn from the practice of nutritional kinesiology to identify the root causes of dis-ease and what whole-foods and supplements your body needs. No more guess work! Rid yourself of fatigue, bloat, migraines, inflammation and many other common ailments. By tapping into the power of kinesiology, we get direct access to your body’s secret health code—the one that tells us precisely what it needs right now to heal and operate at peak performance. We are not physicians and we do not diag-nose or treat disease. Instead, we evaluate physiological functions and develop nutri-tional guidelines that strengthen immunity, boost energy and elevate your mood.


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