10 Biggest Diet and Fitness Mistakes You Should Avoid

By Shane YoungOctober 8, 2012

Diet and fitness mistakes

We want to see you succeed with your fitness goals, and in order to do so, we hope you’ll avoid the following ten diet and fitness mistakes.

10 Diet & Fitness Mistakes

  1. Skipping breakfast or eating a high-carb breakfast like cereal, a bagel, juice, and coffee. Never skip breakfast! It sets you up for a day of overeating and low energy. 
  2. Eating lowfat or non-fat foods First of all, healthy fats are good for you. Furthermore, low fat foods are full of sugar (that’s how they keep the flavor).
  3. Starting a diet, as opposed to implementing a new lifestyle change. Diet implies short term. A lifestyle is forever. You can guess which will get you better results. 
  4. Doing cardio lasting more than 25 minutes at a time, if the goal is weight loss. Strength training builds your lean muscle and keeps your metabolism humming all day
  5. Consuming flavored waters and/ or sports drinks in place of regular water. Plain old water (with maybe a pinch of salt) is all you need. Consume 1/2 your body weight in ounces of quality water per day.
  6. Starting a workout with abdominal exercises. These are best done at the end of a workout. Save the abs for last!
  7. Weighing in every day. We suggest you ditch the scale all together. Instead, use body fat measurement to measure your success and focus on how your clothes fit differently and how your mood and physical appearance changes.
  8. Doing exercises with poor form. This can cause injury to musculoskeletal system and possible vertebrae disc damage, too.
  9. Working out aggressively when your body is tired. This will only add more stress to your already over-taxed system. Instead, use “working-in” and core strengthening exercises.
  10. Consuming more protein to build more muscle. You only need about 70 to 120 grams max, and that’s for those in regular resistance training. Mix up your protein sources between plant and animal based sources.


Readers, which of these mistakes have you made — and do you plan to avoid repeating them?


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