Is Feeling Good- Good Enough?

By MarvinAugust 10, 2018

Hi Ascenders! How are you feeling today?

A lot of the time, we hear this question and answer it with an “Oh yeah, I’m fine” without even thinking about the answer, right? The truth is that, sometimes, the exact opposite is going on in our body, but we’re too proud to admit that something is wrong. Or we don’t want anybody to worry about us. Great intention, but it’s not going to help your problem. We all know that and I’m sure as you’re part of our community you’re already working on being more honest to yourself and your environment. At least I want to encourage you to do so.

1) How I ruined my body

But what if you don’t even know that something is wrong? That’s what happened to me the last 2 – 3 years. First, I was constantly stressed out: Most of my college classes didn’t make much sense to me, I didn’t feel good in the city I was living in, and I struggled with some relationship issues back then. Secondly, for around 80-90% of the time I followed a vegan diet. (Quick disclaimer: I’m not saying that being vegan is good or bad for you. I’m just saying that was totally wrong for me) and threw some animal products in here and there. Last but not least, I have a fast metabolism so I’m burning energy and using magnesium faster than you normally would. That magnesium is super important I already mentioned: Our body requires it for 41% of all it’s reactions and it gets constantly burned by stress and the accumulation of unbounded iron in our body.

2) Feeling good and facts about cholesterol

Here’s the worst thing about all that: I felt great! I had a lot of energy and on top of that I was educated as a nutritionist. I thought what has been taught to me is the truth and I should be fine being on an almost vegan diet (that I have so much stress I realized unfortunately month after my studies were finished thinking back about this time). This is what I learned in school about cholesterol in: It’s inside of animal products and can be produced for around 80% of the liver when you don’t get enough of it from your diet. It’s a fundamental molecule to build structures in our body, pre vitamin D and sexual hormones like testosterone. That’s it. Nobody told me back then that cholesterol is also the pre molecule for our stress hormone cortisol! Such an important fact that could have made so many things early clearer in my life. Also they told me to never get to high cholesterol in your body because that could cause I heart attack (which was never and will be never the truth). With other words: When you’re on a vegan diet your liver takes over and you’ll be fine and more than that you prevent to get to high cholesterol.

3) The whole truth about my body functions

Well, unfortunately that is just one side of the medal. Nobody in school mentioned if you’re constantly under stress that you accumulating more and more iron on your liver which can cause liver dysfunction in your body. On top of that, as mentioned above, my body was constantly building more and more cortisol instead of testosterone in my body. That’s just our nature: Your body thinks with stress it has to survive first before you can maintain the species. So it will always use your last resources to build more stress hormones than sexual hormones if you can’t control your stress! And right now please be honest with yourself: Do you live a life without any stress at all? No air dust, never stress at work and never worried about anything? No, me neither! So without the supplementation of magnesium I was basically breaking my body down without even realizing it. 

4) The awakening moment & the change

When I did my first blood panel in January this year, I was shocked by how low my cholesterol level was. Not just that, also almost 80% of my tested factors where out of the optimal range. Pretty shocking for a person considering himself as healthy, energetic and wants to teach people how to get the maximum out of their bodies. So far, so bad.

After I understood finally the whole concept behind how my body really works (big thanks to Rick from our team for helping me understand all that!), especially being German, I knew I had to switch from a mostly plant based diet to the direction of a ketogenic diet. I started eating a lot of bacon, drank raw eggs in my smoothie, had lamb and salmon and kept mostly my sugars pretty low. Also I supplemented with a lot of minerals and vitamins, but this is worth writing about in a complete different blog article. Did I sticked straight to the diet all the time? Hell no, but if you do 80% right you can allow yourself to enjoy some ice cream sometimes. 6 month later I did my next testing and what a surprise: Almost everything what was bad got better. My cholesterol levels went from 118 to 188. I could not just feel, but see over the months on my body what the flooding with cholesterol and managing my stress levels did to me (I’m not feeling ashamed to talk about it because this was a life changing moment for me and I know it can be for you too!): Because of all this extra testosterone my sexual drive went and still is over the roof and I definitely got stronger in the gym.


Yes, this was great, but what satisfied my most was this: I finally know what my personal diet has to look like. I saw right in front of me that this worked and this was what my body needed. No more guessing, no more feelings. Because feelings can be confusing an tricky. You latterly can train yourself to feel great and get used to stress even if your whole body is screaming to you that something is wrong. Imagine that you listen so loud to music that you can’t hear the important message your friend has to tell you.

5) The one time investment you won’t regret!

All this I’m not telling you to encourage you to start immediately with a ketogentic diet. I want to make you aware of the fact that you should figure our by figures and numbers on paper if you’re doing everything right or wrong. Because every (body) is different in the end. Even though I truly believe that for 90% of the people on earth the ketogentic diet is the right way to go, I know people who are healthy and function great on a high carb diet. BUT please invest that money one time in your life and work together with an expert to figure out what’s going on. It’s great and important that you feel great, but even better if you know that you’re great. 

I highly can recommend to work together with Rick from our team. He has over 20 years of experience with his clients, understands the functions of our body like no second person and he has this amazing availability to break complex stuff down so that you understand what you have to do. 

Last but not least I don’t want you send home with nothing from my side. Even though is always better to have your results on paper, I want to remind you about 3 simple rules that will have a massive impact on pushing your body in the direction of health. I promise that can clear up 80% of the issues you carry in your body:

1)Stay away from gluten and other processed food

2)Reduce your stress levels to a minimum and supplement with high quality magnesium (contact me if you’re looking for the right supplementation). Also for guys: Start donating blood to get rid of unbounded iron in our body.

3)Balance your blood sugar levels by eating a more fatty based diet (mostly animal products)


Thank you for taking the time to read this and I really hope this has an impact on someones life out there.

All the best,



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