Fat Loss and Eating Cookies!

By Shane YoungApril 2, 2014

Many of my clients are working on curbing cravings and shifting habits that aren’t in alignment with their greater goals. It is a common thing to reach for something just out of habit, or for momentary satisfaction and comfort, but did you know that a typical food craving only lasts 3 minutes?

The first step to change your habit is to Push Pause!! Whether it is the extra piece of chocolate before bed, the bad relationship with the refrigerator in general, the wheat / gluten that is giving you a gut, the wine before bed that is waking you up at 2am when your blood sugar crashes, the dairy that has your allergies acting up, the candy bowl at the office that is making a muffin top out of your waist band… we’ve all been there, and the practice of pushing pause, while unfamiliar at first, eventually moves into and forms a new habit.

One of the most powerful spiritual heads in India for quite some time, and the founder of my particular lineage of Tantra, Swami Rama, has a humorous, yet powerful teaching on pushing pause. There is a YouTube of him from the ’80s talking about this very topic. He says when he is craving a cookie he pauses and has a conversation with his mind, the thinker of the thoughts is telling him that he wants a cookie. But the bigger part of himself knows better…and says, “Mind, you can have the cookie, but “I” will not have the cookie.” In other words, he pacifies the mind by allowing it to have the cookie, but he himself does not take the cookie. It sounds simple, but that is his method for pushing pause for long enough to ensure what goes into his body is a conscious decision. Our mind wants to derail us many times, but there is a part of our self that can be developed to see past the immediate gratification.

One of the most awesome things about developing a meditation practice is that it helps one bring the “Push Pause” into everyday life. Pushing pause before opening the refrigerator door allows you to check in with yourself. Am I really hungry? What is really going on with me? What does my body really want?

I love training, I absolutely love it! But from my years of experience, it’s not the exercise that gets people where they truly want to go, it’s diet, lifestyle and mindset. Losing fat starts in the kitchen. If we get those things in order, exercise is like the cherry on top. Then, everything is feeling good. I have too many times had clients who think that kicking their ass in the gym is the answer to their fat ass, but at night they are hugging the refrigerator. Why beat yourself up in the gym? How about identify and work with your relationship to food and what it means to you or what you are avoiding or covering up, and then, hit the gym? Feel good from the inside out!

If I am not responsible for the actions that are in alignment with my greater goal, like losing 15 pounds of fat or increasing my clean and jerk performance by 25%, or running a 1/2 marathon, then I am no where. Creating new and lasting habits has a higher success rate when we are conscious of why we are doing them. Ask yourself what is at the root of WHY you want to lose 15lbs? Do you want a new boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you want to feel attractive to your partner? We want these things because we want to be happy.

Connecting with your WHY gives you a bigger incentive to push pause long enough to really make lasting change. Don’t be afraid to really go there and ask yourself what is really beneath all of that emotional eating or sabotaging of one’s goals. And if you are afraid, that is why we are here, to guide and support you.


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