Are You Drinking Enough Water??!!

By MarvinJanuary 16, 2017


Remember to drink your water!

We recommend 1/2 your body weight in oz per day. That means, if you weight #180. You should be getting 90 oz of good clean filtered water per day.

Find yourself a glass or stainless steel container you love! Then figure out how many of them you need to get your water requirements for the day and keep filling up!

During and after a good sweat, add good quality sea salt into your water. Remember, your body is around 65% salt water! Water with a pinch of sea salt is mother nature’s Gatorade, only much better for you! Sea salt has up to 80 minerals that your body needs to perform optimally, increasing electrolyte balance and overall hydration.

Due to high levels of contaminants called trihalomethanes, or TTHMs, by-products of the heavy use of chloramine for disinfection of its tap water, we recommend a reverse osmosis or carbon filter for both drinking and shower water.

Using a good filter and hydrating with good clean water will increase your body’s ability to function optimally!

And don’t forget the lemon! Lemon’s atomic structure has similar properties to your digestive juices and promotes the production of bile and hydrochloric acid which in turn keeps food moving smoothly through the digestive tract.

Lemon also helps with nutrient absorption by slowing the digestive process and keeping insulin levels steady. Better nutrient absorption means less bloating and ultimately more energy. Lemon is a great blood purifier, boosts liver function by acting on enzymes and flushing out toxins.

Although acidic in nature, lemon is anionic and produces an alkalizing effect on the body. We are always looking for balance but by enlarge all dis-ease come about when our bodies are too acidic and in an inflammatory state. Encouraging a more alkaline state further helps detox the body and the skin, our largest detox organ!

A great resource for water filters and non-toxic household products:

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