Drink Your Bone Broth!

By Shane YoungOctober 13, 2014

Most people start their day with a cup of tea or coffee, but I start my day with a mug of warm bone broth!

It may seem very funny to you… but it’s the truth.

I love bone broth, not only for its taste, but also for its healing powers and, for those of us who need this kind of boost, revitalization from intense training.

I can’t describe the benefits of bone broth in one or two paragraphs; its benefits are numerous and  extensive. But today I am going to share with you a few secrets that I’m confident will make you want some in your morning cup as well!

First, what is bone broth?

Bone broth is basically homemade stock that is made from animal bones like chicken, beef, turkey carcasses, pork, lamb or if you have access to game animals, even better! Every chef I know has their own secret recipe. But the most important thing is to start with quality bones — grass fed when possible, organic and from your local farmer. You are getting the very essence of the animal here and want the best quality you can find to make your stock.

I usually judge the quality of a good stock by the initial quality of the ingredients, as well as how gelatinous it is after it has been cooled. A good stock will be very gelatinous when cold.

The longer and slower you cook it, the more nutritious it will get.

Bone broth is a super food. The traditional cooking process naturally breaks down all bones and also connective tissues – including minerals, proteins and fat. This heals our body in many ways. As bone broth comes from nature, it is more beneficial than taking supplements, especially for those who suffer from digestive problems.

#Benefit 1: Bone Broth Heals Our Leaky Guts

Bone broth contains gelatin and gelatin contains the essential amino acids; glycine, arginine, glutamine as well as proline. These amino acids amplify your stock’s healing properties. You will not be able to produce conditional amino acids if you are under too much stress, ill or in a catabolic state for too long. Gelatin is soothing and nutritious, it protects as well as also heals the mucosal lining of your digestive tract and also helps aid in your digestion of nutrients.

#Benefit 2: Bone Broth Reduces Inflammation and Joint Pain

Basically, this is courtesy of the glucosamine, chondroitin sulfates, and other compounds that are extracted from boiled down cartilage. Minerals like calcium as well as phosphorus are very important for maintaining your healthy bones and also generating energy. Using cartilage-rich bones like knuckles or even chicken feet are very effective in treating joint diseases and arthritis.

#Benefit 3: Bone Broth Helps with Bone Growth and Bone Formation

Bone broth contains arginine, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium which help to produce hormones that are responsible for the growth, formation and repair of bone, ligamentous and other structural tissues.

It helps repair tissues that have been broken down through intense exercise, damage to tissue from an accident or longer term pain syndromes. Most of my clients who are recovering from disc pathologies and back pain drink bone broth. It provides the “kind” of nutrients necessary to rebuild these kinds of musculoskeletal structures.

#Benefit 4: Bone Broth Fights against Cold and Flu

A recent study published in journal Chest showed that eating bone broth during any respiratory infection can reduce the white blood cells that cause cold symptoms. Bone broth inhibits all infection caused by flu viruses, and fights inflammation. Arginine helps to fight against cold and flu. It is also necessary for our immune system function as well as wound healing.

#Benefit 5: Bone Broth Helps to Reduce Digestive Problems

People who are suffering from a number of different digestive problems including an intolerance to gluten, find bone broth useful for them.  Once the problem foods are eliminated, the gut need to heal and is a great way to super-feed the total system without causing any digestive discomfort. If your gut cannot comfortably digest food, it is not going to be able to digest supplements. Save yourself the time and money and start with bone broth.

#Benefit 6: Bone Broth Regenerates Liver Cells

Toxins and chemicals often cause harm to our liver. Everything in this world is toxic now-a-days – i.e. air, water, foods and others. The liver is working overtime trying to clean our body of toxins.

The ability of our liver to work efficiently is limited as it contains a limited amount of glycine. Bone Broth is the richest source of this glycine. Adding bone broth to your day will help support the liver and detox your body! Give a hoot! Don’t pollute! Eat organic and stay away from artificial anything!

Stay tuned, we’ll be giving you an awesome recipe to make your own bone broth at home.

Until then…try Bi-Rite Market or Avedano’s Market here in SF.


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