Dominic Crucitti team Ascend!

By Shane YoungJuly 10, 2019

Hey hey everybody! I want to introduce you to Dominic Crucitti, our fantastic new team member here at Ascend who’s do One-on-one personal training as well as heading up our Semi-Private strength training sessions.
Keep reading to find out more about him!!

Q: So what do you like about training people?
Dominic: You know my absolute favorite thing about training people is like seeing someone who maybe doesn’t have an athletic background or doesn’t have a- like a strong background in fitness. Do something that they’ve never been able to do before, I didn’t think that they could do it like I mean I’ve had the opportunity to work with like a lot of really high level athletes and I get so much more satisfaction out of seeing somebody get their first pull up over like adding five pounds on someone’s bench press like I get a lot more satisfaction out of seeing someone get- something they didn’t think they could do to the first time and that’s like- that’s a really exciting thing for me.

Q: Awesome, awesome, what’s- what’s your philosophy on strength training?
Dominic: I think that the getting the the whole body kind of globally stronger is gonna pay them the most dividends for almost any goal. So if you can get your overall body stronger that’s gonna help body composition, it’s gonna help you be more injury resistant. It’s gonna help you just your overall health and just like even just a- like day to day tasks like carrying groceries, moving furniture, just existing is gonna be easier the stronger you are. And I’m a big fan of getting stronger in the most efficient and safest way possible. Yes.

Dominic Crucitti team Ascend - San Francisco

Q: Can you describe a personal struggle that you’ve overcome some time in the past?
Dominic: Yeah, so I have had the privilege of being on the U.S. bobsled team for the last five seasons and before that I played college football and like for a lot of the time I kind of didn’t feel like I belonged. I kind of like- you know I’d look around and I’d see all these great athletes that had like these impressive resumes and had these great sprint times and some guys would be way stronger than me and I would just be like- man like- I’m not supposed to be here like I’m not like I’m not like special like these guys like- and then I just- and then after a while I just realized like you know like you’re here- like the mirror like- so if anyone else feels like that like if you don’t feel like you deserve to like be at a place and you’re there, you’re there, you deserve to be there. So like I just I just switched at some point. I was just like- you know what I like- I got the uniform on- like I got USA on my chest.

Like I deserve to be here, and I just kind of put all that to the side.

Q: What’s your favorite snack?
Dominic: My favorite snack- if I’m being honest my favorite snack like- what would I like- if I like- if it’s like- hey Dom here is 400 calories. What are you gonna use it on? It’s going to be a donut. But in terms of like what I eat most frequently, it’s not donuts. It’s probably a bowl of Rice Krispies, cereal or peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Q: And what’s a fun fact about you?!
Dominic: A fun fact is that probably my favorite non lifting related hobby is- I love to cook- I love to cook and I love to bake. Well, I’m not great at baking yet but I’m working on it.
I baked a blood orange cake and came out great and I ate the entire cake pretty much in about like three days! It’s pretty embarrassing.

Q: So practice makes?
Dominic: Practice makes perfect and practice makes improvement!! 🙂


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