Do you “idea” who you are?

By Shane YoungDecember 10, 2013

Please “introduce” yourself…

I’m Jator Pierre, I live in SF, I am a health and wellness coach, etc etc etc.

My question to you and to myself is,  “how do I know who I am?

Again, I’m Jator Pierre, my parents named me as such so that must be who I am!

What if I was to offer another alternative – WE have many “ideas” of who we are but we do not “know” who we are.  I hear some voices chiming in already (including parts of me) “oh no Jator, I know who I am, I am divine source, and animal here having a human experience”.  I have to laugh at how arrogant I can be 😉

Is it possible that who I am is beyond an idea of what others call me?

Is it possible that my name Jator Pierre is more akin to my cell phone number rather than all the parts that make cell phones possible?

My point here is just to take a snapshot of how we as human beings become very attached to ideas, and these ideas remain largely unquestioned and unexplored.  These ideas also become who we think we are, and most of the ideas we will defend to the “death”.

These are mainly all satellite identifications that we create a self-image out of.  My car is cool = I am cool.  I am a healer = I am a healer (are you really a healer?)  My car, my house, my life, my wife, my boyfriend, my body, my health, and the list goes on infinitely.

To be honest in this moment parts of me have no idea who I am, and other parts are full of ideas.  More and more of me is recognizing that these are all just ideas and attachments; I can be malleable in any given moment.  I can respond rather than react, I can create and choose new ideas to attach to, and can dissolve stories of the past and create a new present.  Or can I?  Curious about this too.

Do you have to live up to the ideas that others project onto you?  Do you have to “help” others be comfortable with who you are by being who they have known you to always be?

Do you actually know anyone?  Is it possible that you only know your experience of yourself around any given person, therefore you actually know no one, and how you get to KNOW yourself is through these interactions?  Is it possible the people that irk you the most are actually mirrors for parts of you that you deny and or hide?

Can you become curious about your ideas?





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