DIY Healthy Bounty Chocolate Bar

By MarvinApril 13, 2018

healthy bounty chocolate bars

We got jummy jummy in our tummy. Especially when we talk about sweets like Bounty chocolate bars. Often times, the nutritional profile of candy is less than stellar.  Luckily, in this case, many of the Bounty bar ingredients aren’t all that bad for you. Coconut is one of them. A regular Bounty bar is 22% coconut. A you may know, coconuts are full of healthy fatty acids, mostly saturated, which are important for brain and cell function. On the other hand, Bounty bars are also full of milk chocolate and added sugars. In its purest form, chocolate itself tastes pretty bitter. It also contains healthy fats and antioxidant, which help prevent disease. The added sugars are what make chocolate taste sweet. Unfortunately, sugar is bad for you for several reasons. One of them? Sugar can contribute to heart disease! Yes, that’s right. It’s not the high LDL cholesterol itself which can cause atherosclerosis (a leading cause of heart disease). It’s the combo of industrial sugars and LDL which makes your blood get ‘sticky’ in your arteries.  

Anyways, a Bounty is what it is: Damn tasty! So we’re going to take the best parts, leave out the unnecessary sugar, and create our own healthy Bounty. It’s simple, good for you, the perfect snack and tastes as good as the original. Welcome to “baking” with Marvin :).

This is what you need:

Ingredients (for 4 little healthy Bounty chocolate bars):

  • 50 g coconut milk 
  • 15 g coconut flakes
  • 5 g coconut flour
  • 2x 3-5g Stevia (1x for the coconut mix, 1x for the chocolate)
  • 20 g dark unsweetened chocolate (f.e. from Ghirardelli)



  1. You need some baking dishes in the form of a bar. If you don’t have it, you can also use the muffin forms
  2. Heat up some water in a cooking pot and put the chocolate inside of a little bowl. Hang the bowl over the cooking pot so the chocolate can melt.
  3. Get a bowl and mix the coconut milk, the coconut flour, the coconut flakes and the stevia together in the bowl so everything gets sticky
  4. Spread the coconut mix out flat on a cutting board. Fill a little bit of the chocolate inside of your baking dishes
  5. Cut the coconut mix into little pieces so they fit into the baking dishes. Put them into the baking dishes and fill it up with chocolate again
  6. Put it into the fridge over night so you can enjoy it fresh next day.

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